Order of the Faithful

Order of the Faithful
Formed Late 3060s
Affiliation Pirate
Parent Command Independent

The Order of the Faithful was a Word of Blake-created pirate band using the nomads of Astrokaszy as its members.



The pirate band known as the Order of the Faithful was formed by the Astrokaszian Warlord Srin Obbaka Rashier and Word of Blake agent Hadai Tol. The pirate band was formed with help of the Word of Blake, who planted supplies, BattleMechs and other equipment on Astrokaszy for the band's leaders to "discover". This was a part of the Word's "Camelot gambit", which was used to raise international tensions by targeting worlds the Blake wished to have attacked. The Blakists used "seers" and other phony methods via agents to lead nomads to the equipment which was stockpiled for them. This kept the natives ignorant of the origin of their equipment and their unseen masters.[1]


Prior to the Jihad the Faithful appeared to be a Word of Blake-backed Pirate band which was tasked to assault nearby planets. This included worlds from the Rim Commonality of the FWL, the Marian Hegemony and the Magistracy of Canopus.[2] On the 4th of March 3069 the Faithful assaulted Tematagi via a pirate jump point and defeated the 3rd Battalion of the Eighth Orloff Grenadiers, before proceeding to obliterate Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited's BattleMech factories and finally withdrawing two weeks later. [3]

On the 6th of April 3076 the Magistracy of Canopus raided Astrokaszy; MAF units attacked various locations on the world believed to be Word of Blake bases and fought with the Faithful.[4][5] On the 22nd of April 3076 the MAF High Command gave orders to the First Canopian Light Horse to search for and destroy the base of the Faithful. One regiment named the Sword of the Faithful Hussars were destroyed through combined efforts of Astrokaszy-based resistance and the MAF forces. The Light Horse gave some of the battlefield salvage to the rebels. The whereabouts of the other unit from the pirates was unknown.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Order of the Faithful
Srin Obbaka Rashier 3067[7]



Composition History[edit]


The Sword of the Faithful Hussars (Regiment)

The Defenders of the Faithful Grenadiers (Regiment)

  • CO: Colonel Carlton Shultz


The Defenders of the Faithful Grenadiers (Regiment)

  • CO: Colonel Carlton Shultz


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