Gerald Marik (27th c.)

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Gerald Marik
Character Profile
Born 2632
Died January 2703[1]
Affiliation House Marik
Profession Captain-General
Parents Liam Marik (father)
Children Andrew Marik
John Marik
Elise Marik[1]
Oliver Marik[1]

Gerald Marik I was a Military Commander, Politician, and the twenty-eighth Captain-General of the Free Worlds League.[2]


Early Life[edit]

Son of Captain-General Liam Marik, Gerald was not a politician as his father was. He married and had four children, Andrew, John, Elise, and Oliver Marik.[3]

In his early career he would join the Free Worlds League Military and rise up through the ranks to become a General. When his father died, he was not chosen to take control of House Marik, this responsibility was past to his cousin, Terrence Marik. His last military command that he had served was with the 3rd Marik Militia until 2678.[4][5]


The pursuit of Scourge of Death[edit]

In October 19th in 2678 on Marik, Gerald was among family attendees at gathering of entire Marik Clan. Gerald's world would violently and utterly change when a bomb planted in his cousin's estate's library exploded. Thirty Nine member of his family would be outright killed in the blast, including his cousin, the sitting Captain-General Terrence Marik and his entire family. Gerald would nearly have died as well if wasn't for remarkable feat of medical science. His condition was questionable, as his family's priest gave him the "Last Rites". With efforts of Star League and Free Worlds League's medical science he would survive and recover within a month of the blast that took his family's lives. He was fitted extensively with mechanical enhancements known as Bionics.[6][7] Investigators during Gerald's recovery would discover on the estate cache supplies and survival gear for surveillance. A police investigator would discover a hidden tree house hidden among one of the nearby trees near Marik estate. From this vantage point is where the Agent working for the terrorist watched Gerald's family gathering and determine when to triggered the bomb.[8]

Upon his recovery, Gerald was supported from the Free World League's general population, Parliamentarian members, and rival nations such as Lyran Commonwealth and the Capellan Confederation. He would use every bit of this goodwill so he could get to seek out the murders. In one of his first acts he would dispatch his military and his intelligence agency, SAFE on the trail of the terrorist. In course of the pursuit, civil liberties of the general population would be set aside for his pursuit. However, speculation began to build, as Gerald would seem to be eliminating potential political rivals and have forces cross interstellar borders of the Star League member states hitting various targets in what he termed "police actions". These border crossing sometimes in the form of military strikes that were targeted against terrorist by the League's military forces in their efforts to seek out terrorist cells. While doubt began to build over Gerald's actions, a revelation would be discover on Westover, in the form of uncovered computer files. SAFE Agents would reveal that these allegedly files belonged to the Scourge of Death terrorist cell. The data files would list out to one group's backers, the ruling family of Principality of Regulus, House Selaj.[9]

War with Principality of Regulus and House Selaj[edit]

The discovery on Westover would turn the pursuit for terrorist into armed conflict between political rival. Gerald would rule the Princes and D’mir of Regulus were guilty of treason and order their deaths for the killing in a mock trial on October 1, 2679. Speculation of the truth of the guilt of the three Selaj Princes began to be questioned, but Gerald pushed ahead to pursue his prey anyway.

On hearing Captain General's order to submit, the three Princes of House Selaj would refuse Captain-General's authority, which they would order their Regulus Hussars regiments to stand by for repulse federal forces.

With revelations of possible conflict emerged, the Star League Defense Forces deployed additional troops to the region. The Captain-General would travel to Star League Naval Base on Oriente, convince Star League regional commander. While not known for being an orator, Gerald gave emotional appealed to SLDF commander in the League, Admiral Millard Crichton, this was internal matter that justice must be done.[10] The Admiral would be swayed by Gerald words and agreed not to interfere. Crichton instead deployed his troops on standby to provide humanitarian aid where it was need in what would be coming "civil war" between the two ruling families.[11] Admiral's forces, in the form of the SLDF Navy would remain outside of the Principality while Captain-Gerald's Federal forces engaged Prince Selaj's forces. Battle between Gerald's forces begin on Hellos Minor, where his force would engage the Hussars forces lead by Prince D’mir Selaj’s in nearly a 4 week battle for control of the planet. However, the grind of combat would cause many of the Hussar soldiers to defect to Gerald's forces. Eventually, Marik's forces would rout Regulans from Helios Minor, Prince D'mir would commit suicide as Gerald's force were about arrive at his estate on planet.

The Marik fleet would stream further into the Principality, where two weeks after fall of Helios Minor, Harmony would soon fall to Gerald's Forces. Now closing in on Regulus itself by late December, many of House Selaj's troops would continue defect. Believing they would not win war against Marik, Princes Puraj and Rajneesh would gather family, billions of monetary funds, their personal guards and flee to Magistracy of Canopus in January of 2680. In their wake, Gerald Marik would turn his anger on the Princes associates that they left behind by imprisoning and executing them.[12][13]

Later Years and Paranoia[edit]

After the conflict had concluded, Gerald was not satisfied with its outcome. He found that he could not declare the Selaj menace had passed. He would expand mandates he given SAFE and the organization would retain their expanded budget to undertake the Captain-General's orders. His concerns would become paranoid, seeing threats from House Selaj from every turn. In his paranoid state of mind, he would expanded policing powers of SAFE watch the League's citizens and render Free Worlds League into a de facto police state.[14] However, general citizenry would largely not effected and SAFE's activities would concentrated towards political members of Parliament and other ruling factions.

One notable later event during Gerald's rule was in 2695. Frustrated trade unions in the Principality of Regulus would vote to undertake a series of work stoppages / strikes, disrupting the economy. Sensing his old enemy a foot, Gerald would go to the Parliament and state that the worker strikes were backed by Selaj influenced separatists. He would appeal to them to seek authority to suppress them. The Parliament would grant him the authority with little resistance to act on his notion. In turn the Captain-General would suppress the uprising with bloody results, but however his people would find no evidence Selaj influence among the striking unionist.

Over the remainder of his rule, a professor named Thomas Menke of Western Merak Medical College briefly got notoriety for stating Gerald's bionics rendered him a nonliving individual and that he should resign his office. Professor Menke's fame did not last long, with allegations that SAFE investigating his financial grants would lead back to corporations in Canopus space. However, the subject of Gerald's bionics would continue far past his rule as Captain-General.[15][16]

Death and Legacy[edit]

In January of 2703, Gerald would die, leaving his daughter Elisa as his heir to the throne. Her devotion and love for her father, would influence her reign with even more paranoia that even Gerald himself had. Despite medical examiners ruling that Gerald died due to sustained injuries from bomb blast of 2678, Elise would announce as she was sworn in as Captain-General, that her father's death was suspicious and it was murder.[17][18]

Due to his recovery with heavy use of bionics, the Free Worlds League in the centuries to come would grow considerably more anti-bionic/cybernetics due to his legacy of leadership and the hardships that followed in Civil War in 28th Century.[19]

Centuries later, it documents of his rule, would reveal that some of his heavy-handed purges were not just paranoia, but rational thoughts on dealing with future political problems. Using the leverage he had gained in seeking vengeance for his slain family.[20]


  • Gerald was also known as "the Avenger" on House Marik's family tree for ruling the Free Worlds League. His moniker differentiated him from his descendants, who would be named for him with "II" and "III", respectively. He was also originally noted for being the XXVI (26th) Captain-General of the Free Worlds League,[21] but later sourcebooks would list him as the 28th.[22]
  • It should be noted, that the term "bionics" is not often used in BattleTech. The word is largely supplanted by the term cybernetics.[23]


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