Alpha Regiment (12th Vegan Rangers)

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Alpha Regiment
Nickname The Concrete Crushers
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command 12th Vegan Rangers


The Twelve Vegan Rangers' Alpha Regiment traces its history back to the original unit that helped Duke Lawrence Nelson reclaim his homeworld. They have fought in some of the most important campaigns of the Succession Wars.

Third Succession War[edit]

At the end of the Third Succession War they fought on Galtor III as the main force of the AFFS forces defending the planet.[1] The unit suffered 45.345% casualties during the operation[2], and after the campaign It was sent to [[Verde] for rest and refit.[3]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

During the Fourth Succession War the Twelfth assisted the Davion Light Guards during their assault on St. Andre.[1]

War of 3039[edit]

Clan Invasion[edit]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

During the FedCom Civil War Alpha Regiment inflicted heavy casualties on the 3rd FedCom RCT before jumping to Algol to assist the other Vegan Ranger regiments. They destroyed the defending Tikonov Republican Guards on that world, and then redeployed to Addicks to force the 10th Ghost and 12th Ghost off-world.[1]



Traditionally the commander of Alpha Regiment commands the entire 12th Vegan Rangers brigade.

Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Alpha Regiment (12th Vegan Rangers)
Duke Lawrence Helmund Nelson 2829
General Margrave Sheridan Douglass 3024 - 3048[4][5]
General Tom Stancel 3048 - 3054[5]
General Miller al-Nahib 3085 - 3116
General Della al-Nahib 3116 - 3145


The unit is experienced in urban fighting, but they avoid every civilian casualty possible. During the last fights in the FedCom Civil War they surprised the enemy with combat drops.


The techs can repair all damages that can occur.

Composition History[edit]


Alpha Regiment (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[6][2]

  • CO: Margrave Sheridan Douglass
Regimental BattleGroup
(Four Armor Lances, one Reinforced 'Mech Lance and two 'Mech Lances)
Merino's Squadron
(Aerospace Fighters)
Hoover Recovery
(Armor Company)
Tracked Company
DropShip Defense
(two 'Mech Lances and one Armor Lance)
Bragg's Battalion
  • Battalion Headquarters ('Mech)
  • Cullom's Company ('Mech)
  • O'Donnell's Company ('Mech)
  • Summer's Company ('Mech)
Johnston's Battalion
  • Battalion Headquarters ('Mech)
  • Brennon's Company ('Mech)
  • Mandell's Company ('Mech)
  • Dargis' Company ('Mech)
McCulloch's Battalion
  • Battalion Headquarters ('Mech)
  • Murphy's Company ('Mech)
  • Kellem's Company ('Mech)
  • O'Toole's Company ('Mech)
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Edwards.


Alpha Regiment (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[7]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Campertown. [7]


Alpha Regiment (Regiment/Elite/Reliable) [8]

  • CO: General Tom Stancel [8]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Campertown. [8]


Alpha Regiment (Regiment/Elite/Reliable) [9]

  • CO: General Tom Stancel [9]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Campertown. [9]


Alpha Regiment (Regiment/Elite/Reliable) [10]

  • CO: General Tom Stancel [10]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on New Aragon. [10]


Alpha Regiment(1 Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[1]

CO/1st Battalion
General Tom Stancel
Note: The 1st Battalion fields mostly heavy and assault designs.
2nd Battalion
Major Chris Jenkins
Note: The 2nd Battalion contains machines of all classes.
3rd Battalion
Major John McCulloch
Note: The 3rd Battalion has jump-capable 'Mechs over 50 tons.

1st Vegan Attack Wing(1 Wing/Veteran/Fanatical)[1]

  • Wing Commander: Major Hrothgar Greene
Note: All three squadrons (White,Grey and Black squadrons) contains medium fighters like the corsair, which has some upgrades.

1st Vegan Armored Regiment(Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[1]

  • Armor Commander: Lieutenant-Colonel Iain Mullaley
Note: All three battalion contains each 2 companies of heavy + 1 light company.

Individual Combat units[edit]

Alpha Regiment, commanded by Margrave Douglass during The Galtor Campaign, is a very traditional Elite Assault Regiment combining 'Mechs and Hover/Tracked Vehicles with independent Aerospace/Dropship support.

  • Regimental Battlegroup: 2 assault lances (elite), heavy lance (elite), 4 vehicle lances
  • Marino's Air Squadron: Heavy wing (elite), 2 Light wings (elite)
  • Hover vehicle recovery company, tracked vehicle company
  • DropShip defense company: Assault lance (veteran), medium lance (elite), support vehicles
  • Bragg's Battalion: Battalion HQ - 1 heavy lance (elite)
  • Bragg's Battalion: Cullom's Company - 2 assault lances, heavy lance (all elite)
  • Bragg's Battalion: O'Donnell's Company - 2 heavy lances (1 elite, 1 veteran), medium lance (veteran)
  • Bragg's Battalion: Summer's Company - 3 medium lances (2 veteran, 1 regular)
  • Johnston's Battalion: Battalion HQ - 1 medium lance (elite)
  • Johnston's Battalion: Brennon's Company - 1 assault lance, 2 heavy lances (all elite)
  • Johnston's Battalion: Mandell's Company - 2 heavy lances, 1 light lance (all veteran)
  • Johnston's Battalion: Dargis's Company - 3 medium lances (all veteran)
  • McCulloch's Battalion: Battalion HQ - 1 heavy lance (elite)
  • McCulloch's Battalion: Murphy's Company - 1 assault lance, 2 heavy lances (all elite)
  • McCulloch's Battalion: Kellem's Company - 1 heavy lance (veteran), 2 light lances (regular)
  • McCulloch's Battalion: O'Toole's Company - 2 medium lances (regular), 1 light lance (veteran)

Game Rules[edit]

Historical Turning Points: Galtor[edit]

The Vegans' Alpha Regiment gains a +2 to Initiative when fighting in darkness. They also ignore the standard +2 penalty to To-Hit numbers when fighting in the dark.[11]


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