Voice of Kerensky

The Voice of Kerensky was a radio message sent by General Aleksandr Kerensky towards the Inner Sphere, announcing the possible return of the descendants of his Star League in Exile.


After the SLDF Exodus Fleet reached the five Pentagon Worlds, General Aleksandr Kerensky sent a message back to the Inner Sphere on September 9th 2786 proclaiming the arrival of this and proclaiming a new era of peace. [1] [2] [3]

The message was not transmitted as an HPG pulse, but by normal broadband microwave radio. Traveling at mere light speed, the message would take up to 1,000 years to reach the outer limits of the Inner Sphere (approximately 3550 or so), and over 1,500 years before it would reach Terra itself. No matter if this timeframe was an indication of the elder Kerensky's intention for when his exiles would return, the Clans society created by his son Nicholas would return approximately 260 years after the message was sent, and well before anyone in the Inner Sphere could ever hope to hear it. [1] [2] [3]

Ironically, this message of peace was later received and heard by Task Force Serpent, as it was on its way to conquer Huntress, the homeworld of Clan Smoke Jaguar, to destroy this particularly aggressive Clan. [2] [2] [3]


To all citizens of the Inner Sphere do I, Aleksandr Kerensky, send greetings.

Know that I have taken the remnant of the Star League Defense Force which has remained true to its purpose beyond the boundaries of the Inner Sphere, beyond the Periphery. I have done this, neither out of disappointment with those whom we leave behind, nor out of spite or disdain, as some will say. No, we have left the Inner Sphere because we love it too much to see it destroyed. In the wake of the Usurper's coup, and the long, bitter fighting that came with it, I fear that my forces would do incalculable, possibly irreparable, harm to our society. We are sworn to ward the Star League and its subjects, not destroy it.

Thus, we have left the only homes we have ever known to place the destructive capability of this armada beyond the reach of those who would use it, not for defense, but for conquest. Perhaps, with the might of our 'Mechs and ships out of reach, the leaders who now grapple with one another will relinquish their dreams of subjugating their neighbors and learn to live in peace with them.

Perhaps, one day, should mankind step back from the brink of the abyss, we, our children, or our children's children will return, to once more serve and protect and guide the Star League in mankind's quest for the stars.

Farewell.[2] [3]


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