MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries

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MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries
Product information
Type Video Game
Development FASA Interactive
Publication information
Publisher Microsoft
First published 2002
Era FedCom Civil War
Timeline 3062 - 3067
Series MechWarrior (video games)
Preceded by MechWarrior 4: Black Knight
Followed by MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

FASA Studio's MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries is a 2002 computer game set in the BattleTech universe. Smith and Tinker announced on 09 July 2009 that the MechWarrior 4 series of games and expansions will be made available for free via MekTek, this finally happened on 30 April 2010. However, with development stalling, Smith and Tinker going out of business, and the introduction of MechWarrior Online, MekTek ultimately dropped their license for MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries. Download of the Free Release is now considered illegal.[1]


Computer games are explicitly excluded from the list of products that contribute straight Canon to the BattleTech universe while at the same time it was stated that the IP owners are "not in total denial about these sources either"; it has also been stated that fluff from certain official, licensed products (namely certain computer games including those produced by FASA) can be assumed to be part of the shared universe as long as it is not directly contradicted, and makes sense. On this premise, MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries is considered to be an apocryphal product.

Areas of conflict with established canon

  • The flexible mission selection system allows missions to take place at different times than they may have historically occurred. Beyond this, many of the conflicts that provide the mission backdrop canonically occur well outside the timeframe of the game, which is limited to 3066-3067.
  • The Capellan Confederation conquered and absorbed the Styk Commonality in 3062, rather than 3066
  • The Federated Commonwealth Civil War began affecting mercenary contracts in 3063, rather than 3066
  • Spectre cannot have won a Solaris Championship in the 3060s. All winners for this period have been named, and are either veteran duelists or female (Spectre is a male rookie duelist).
  • No canon source records a Jade Falcon raid on New Exford during the Jade Falcon Incursion of 3064. An incursion after 3064 would have constituted a violation of the arrangement worked out by Archer Christifori and Adam Steiner with Khan Marthe Pryde.
  • Talon/Wernke was garrisoned by the Seventh Federated Commonwealth RCT, rather than the Twentieth. Fighting began there in 3064.
  • Burr's Black Cobras were not destroyed on Talon/Wernke, but took a long-term contract with the Word of Blake.
  • The Free Skye Uprising began in 3065.
  • New Canton was not conquered by Clan Wolf during the FedCom Civil War. It became a part of the Blake Protectorate in 3067-3068.
  • The game refers to the attackers on Hesperus II as the Fourth Davion Heavy Guards. Per canon, the attackers were the Fourth Skye Rangers. (Also, there is no such unit as the Fourth Davion Heavy Guards, which appears to be an amalgam of the Fourth Davion Guards and the Davion Heavy Guards.)

Plot Synopsis[edit]


The player takes the role of Spectre, a male commander of a small mercenary company. Trained under a pilot program on Outreach where smaller mercenary companies are "sponsored" by larger ones (such as the Kell Hounds, Wolf's Dragoons, Gray Death Legion, or Northwind Highlanders), Spectre travels inside the fictional interstellar region of the Chaos March during the FedCom Civil War (specifically during the time period from January 1, 3066 to late July 3067). The player makes a living earning cash and useful salvage from completing mission contracts for various factions. With these resources, the player can purchase new weapons and BattleMechs, pay for 'Mech repairs, and hire additional MechWarriors for his or her company.

A Note on Dates[edit]

The player has significant flexibility in which missions they choose and in what order. Accordingly, there are no firm dates for when any of the campaigns take place during the game's 3066 - 3067 timeframe. Since many of the campaigns use events from throughout the 3062 - 3067 Federated Commonwealth Civil War as a backdrop, dates of related canonical events are noted.

Styk Campaign[edit]

Dates: In 3061-3062, First Lord of the Star League Sun-Tzu Liao placed SLDF peacekeeping troops on Styk Commonality worlds. Just prior to leaving office, he rotated those troops, replacing them with CCAF regulars, and then launched a campaign of annexation. The star map in the 3063-dated Shattered Sphere sourcebook shows the Styk Commonality having rejoined the Confederation, suggesting that the Styk Commonality fell in 3062.

Styk Commonality Under Siege - The Capellan Confederation attacks the Styk Commonality, hoping to absorb the small Chaos March state. Both sides hire mercenary support. (Transcript)

Reinforcement - Spectre is hired by the Styk Commonality to support Lindon's Battalion in the defense of the city of Thurbid and its naval repair facility. Hammer and Watchdog Lances from Lindon's Battalion are under heavy attack by Capellan forces when Spectre arrives. (Transcript)

  • Honor branch - Spectre saves Hammer and Watchdog Lances and defends the facility
  • Infamy branch - Spectre lets Hammer Lance die

Peace in the Chaos March? - After the Styk Commonality's victory at Thurbid, the Capellan Confederation offers to begin peace talks. Spectre is chosen as an honor guard. (Transcript)

(Honor Branch)

Peace Talks - Spectre stands guard with the Commonality security force as peace talks begin. The Capellan motorcade explodes on arrival, throwing the Styk security forces into disarray. Capellan 'Mechs attack in the explosion's aftermath, and Styk air cover is destroyed when its base is hit with a fuel-air explosive. As fighting renews throughout the capital city, Spectre escorts the Styk peace delegates to a secure firebase. If Hammer Lance survived earlier, they assist Spectre. (Transcript)

Evacuation - With the heads of the Styk Commonality scattered by the fighting, Spectre escorts the peace delegates from the firebase to the spaceport to escape offworld. The Commonality appears to be breaking up, and there is no longer a functional government to pay for this mission. (Transcript)

(Infamy Branch)

Assassination - Capellan agent Krull hires Spectre to assassinate three key Styk Commonality political leaders on the eve of the peace talks. After killing the targets, Spectre takes his payment and leaves Styk for more contracts. (Transcript)

Treachery in the Styk Commonality - Styk's peace delegation, including its military leader General Maureen Steele, was wiped out in a sneak attack, allegedly led by Spectre. The Styk Commonality is in danger of imminent collapse. (Transcript)

Halloran V Campaign I[edit]

Dates: The Halloran V campaign could have taken place any time during the Federated Commonwealth Civil War. Spectre finishes the first group of missions, then leaves and comes back after an interval, so earlier in the war is most likely.

The Halloran V planetary militia has split along faction lines in the Federated Commonwealth Civil War. Rival militia units have imposed martial law and seized supplies from local industries. The Halloran Mining & Excavation (HM&E) Cartel has hired Spectre's mercenary unit to defend its holdings.

Battle Lines Being Drawn - The MRBC updates its members on the outbreak of the FedCom Civil War. (Transcript)

[SPONSOR UNIT] Update - The sponsoring mercenary units inform their clients that they are officially neutral in the FedCom Civil War, and advise staying loyal to their parent unit and their contracted employers, while avoiding actions that would burn bridges. (Transcript)

Checkpoint - Spectre Lance destroys Halloran Protectorate militia roadblocks on the route through the Caspian Mountains used by Transpax, Inc, a subsidiary of HM&E, allowing Transpax to resume running convoys. (Transcript)

Transpax Defies Militia Control - Transpax confirms it has hired a mercenary unit for short-term defense of its coastal holdings as part of its corporate security measures. (Transcript)

Offshore - Transpax, Inc. hires Spectre to defend the Deneb offshore drilling platform on the northwest coast of the secondary continent against Halloran Protectorate navy units - two destroyer groups and the aerospace carrier Indignation. Spectre's unit sinks the destroyers and downs the VTOLs launched from the carrier. Spectre and his troops leave Halloran V in search of additional contracts after this mission is complete. (Transcript)

Solaris VII Championship[edit]

Dates: Though they can vary from year to year, the Solaris VII sourcebook indicates that the championships are usually run in the latter part of any given year. This could take place any year between 3063 and 3066. The MapPack: Solaris VII book lists the canon champions for the 3060s, and Spectre is not a match for any of them, rendering his Grand Championship victory noncanon.

The Jungle (Light) - Spectre wins the first Light match of the season. Announcer Duncan Fisher says he's never heard of Spectre before, but congratulates him on his first Solaris victory. (Transcript)

The Factory (Light) - Spectre gets an offer from a Flea pilot to cooperate until they are they final two. Fisher declares Spectre a rookie Solaris pilot to watch. (Transcript)

The Coliseum (Light) - Fisher calls Spectre a fancy merc hotshot turned Solaris jock. (Transcript)

The Jungle (Medium) - Fisher says the Medium circuit has been slow, except for a scandal when Bobby "Killer" Fields was accused of throwing a match, and has been banned pending a full inquiry. Fisher says Spectre rolled right over the competition. (Transcript)

The Factory (Medium) - Spectre defeats Peter Dexter, who had come out of retirement after five years, though he never placed better than 37th, even in his prime. Fisher notes that fan favorites Alice Newkirk and Miria Stewart have moved up to the Heavy Circuit. (Transcript)

The Coliseum (Medium) - Fisher notes that Davion and Steiner supporters have nearly come to blows. The announcer spotlights mercenary gladiator Alex Haight, but he falls to Spectre. (Transcript)

The Jungle (Heavy) - Fisher notes that this Heavy season has been dominated by House Steiner pilots, who avoid shooting at each other. Spectre faces off against Capellan Miria Stewart, who Fisher thinks should have stayed in the Medium Circuit. (Transcript)

The Factory (Heavy) - At the halfway point for the season, Spectre defeats Steiner contender Nako Tayuma. (Transcript)

The Coliseum (Heavy) - Spectre faces off against Steiner's Ellie Neals, who has a home crowd advantage, and breaks Steiner's stranglehold on their home arena. (Transcript)

The Jungle (Assault) - Fisher names Odessa, Coleman, and Neals as three of the most elite pilots to watch on the Assault Circuit. Spectre wins and qualifies for the Jungle Championship. (Transcript)

The Factory (Assault) - Spectre defeats fan favorite Marcus Wilder and teams up with Alice Newkirk until the final two, qualifying for the Factory Championship. (Transcript)

The Coliseum (Assault) - Spectre battles rising star Kayla Tirrel, a pro-Victor gladiator who needs bodyguards after having put a Steiner fan into the hospital with one punch. (Transcript)

The Jungle (Championship) - Fisher describes Spectre as a bookie's nightmare as he wins the Championship, qualifying for the Grand Championship. (Transcript)

The Factory (Championship) - Spectre faces all-stars Srin Odessa and Marcus Wilder and wins through, becoming the king of the rubble pile. (Transcript)

The Coliseum (Championship) - Steiner fans are enraged because their favorite, Ellie Neals, has failed to qualify for the championships. Fisher says he hasn't seen a performance like Spectre's since Gross took the Grand Championship in '62. (Transcript)

The Coliseum (Grand Championship) - Spectre faces off against Srin Odessa, Samantha Coleman, and Nako Tayuma. Srin is notable for having a mysterious training regimen involving eating live beetles, but she falls to Spectre nonetheless, making Spectre the grand champion. (Transcript)

Advertisements - The loading screens feature numerous advertisements for businesses and attractions on Solaris VII. (Transcript)

Halloran V Campaign II[edit]

Dates: Deneb Control welcomes Spectre back, and notes that some of the other units rotating through have been less than reliable, indicating that Spectre and his unit departed the Halloran V theater for a period before returning.

The Halloran Protectorate militia has increased its raids on Transpax, Inc. facilities with naval and air assets. Spectre is hired to once again guard the Deneb facility.

Checkpoint - Spectre and his lance are hired to attack an outpost owned by the Halloran Protectorate. They succeed in doing so and recovery salvage from mission. (Transcript)

Offshore A - The Halloran Protectorate destroyers Arbold and Harrington attack the Deneb platform, but are destroyed by Spectre with support from Harpy Squadron's Stilettos. (Transcript)

Escort - Spectre's force guards a pro-Katrina Corvatti Corporation convoy carrying artillery launchers between the factory and its corporate spaceport. Once at the spaceport, Station Control reports a lance of hostile 'Mechs inbound. Spectre coordinates with Hrothgar-class DropShip commander Captain Dashka to destroy the attackers. (Transcript)

Industry Raid - Spectre's troops raid the Tibor Industrial Facility, which is guarded by a Burr's Black Cobra medium 'Mech lance under Lt. Dunman. Spectre destroys the fuel depot and other key buildings. Dunman orders his lance to withdraw. (Transcript)

  • Honor Path - Spectre lets Dunman go.
  • Infamy Path - Spectre wipes out Dunman's lance.

Offshore B - The Black Cobras are leading a naval and BattleMech attack against Transpax's Deneb coastal facility. Admiral Carrington of the Halloran Protectorate's carrier vessel Harkness has sworn to destroy the Deneb platform. Transpax has evacuated most of their staff, leaving the platform under the command of Corporate Officer Second Class Smedlin. The attacking Cobra forces are led by a MechWarrior codenamed "Dragonfly", who is targeting Spectre. After Spectre's forces repulse the attack, Admiral Carrington is relieved of duty and his successor negotiates a truce with Transpax, ending the fighting on Halloran V. (Transcript)

New Exford Campaign[edit]

Dates: The setup indicates that a small force of Jade Falcons has landed on New Exford as part of a much larger push into the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon and the Lyran Alliance. Per canon, this "Falcon Incursion" took place in 3064.

Jungle Recon - Spectre's force patrols an island in the Cocuala chain to locate the Jade Falcon center of operations. They encounter and defeat Star Captain Jeffer Roshak and find another Clan star based at a pirate supply depot, but fail to locate the Jade Falcon operations center. (Transcript)

Storm Patrol - Spectre takes his force on patrol for the Falcon raiders on another island in the Cocuala chain. They find and destroy two Stars of Falcon 'Mechs and navigate through a minefield protecting the Jade Falcon drop site. They use long-range fire to destroy one of the two Falcon DropShips. (Transcript)

(Honor Path)

Beach Fight - Spectre challenges Star Colonel Aisa Thastus to a Trial of Possession for the Cocuala island chain. Spectre bids two lances against Thastus' Binary. Spectre's forces defeat the Falcons, and he claims Thastus as his bondsman. (Transcript)

(Infamy Path)

Backstab - At the urging of his MechCommander, Lt. Castle (who became a refugee when the Clans invaded the Free Rasalhague Republic), Spectre launches a covert headhunter raid on the Falcon encampment the night before the scheduled Trial of Possession. They take out the encampment and kill Star Colonel Thastus. (Transcript)

Talon/Wernke Campaign[edit]

Dates: The Federated Commonwealth Civil War sourcebook indicates that fighting on Talon and Wernke began in earnest in late 3064, so it would make the most sense for these missions to take place in early 3065.

Regimental Infighting Overtakes Wernke - A news report indicates that the Twentieth Avalon Hussars and the Twenty-Second Avalon Hussars have begun fighting for control of the Kallon Industries 'Mech Works on Talon. (Note: It was actually the 7th FedCom RCT that fought the 22nd on Talon.) (Transcript)

(Honor Path)

Moonlight (Talon) - House Davion hires Spectre to investigate a communication disruption between the Antares supply depot and its orbital launch site. Spectre's forces find the depot occupied by the Black Cobras, and drive them off. MercNet rumors suggest the unit will be disbanded due to insufficient strength. (Transcript)
Note: If Spectre destroyed the Cobras' Medium Lance, then the Cobras will carry a grudge against him.

Country Life (Wernke) - House Davion hires Spectre to guard a communications array at Gavin's Bend. They successfully defend all vital buildings against an assault by an entire 'Mech company, with VTOL support. (Transcript)

'Mech Works Defense (Talon) - House Davion hires Spectre to protect the Kallon 'Mech Works. Spectre's troops battle attacking Steiner forces on the proving grounds, buying enough time for a MechWarrior codenamed "Canary" to lead a force of prototype Templars into the fray. After the battle, Canary gifts two Templars to Spectre under the guise of "field testing" the prototypes. (Transcript)

(Infamy Path)

Blackout (Talon) - House Steiner hires Spectre on a covert op to destroy the intrasystem communications array and eliminate the living facilities and vehicles on the base while a blackout emitter jams local communications, leaving no witnesses. (Transcript)

Night Op (Talon) - House Steiner hires Spectre to scout Kallon Industries to gather data on their Templar design. Spectre scans an actuator stress testing lab, OmniMech weapon mounts, and a pair of Templars, then destroys liquid fuel tanks and escapes when the explosion destroys the primary sensor grid. (Transcript)

'Mech Works Attack (Talon) - House Steiner hires Spectre to assault the previously scouted Kallon 'Mech Works, destroying the hangars, the test facilities, and the Templar OmniMech prototypes. Following the mission, House Davion blacklists Spectre's unit for the duration of the war. (Transcript)

Kallon Industries Sacked - News reports indicate Spectre destroyed a strategic 'Mech Works facility working on a prototype Templar, setting back development indefinitely. (Transcript)

New Syrtis Campaign[edit]

The player cannot take any missions on New Syrtis, but in-game news reports track the progress of the fighting there.

Steiner Declares War on New Syrtis - Katrina Steiner deploys a large task force to ensure the loyalty of Duke George Michael Hasek, Field Marshal of the Capellan March. This pushes Duke Hasek into an anti-Katrina stance, and fighting breaks out on the world. Per canon, this took place in November 3065. (Transcript)

Militia Slaughtered on New Syrtis - The New Syrtis March Militia under Major Tia Carruthers is ambushed and destroyed by the Eleventh Avalon Hussars at the Bowerton Glacier. Per canon, this took place in February 3066. (Transcript)

Eleventh Avalon Hussars Surrender - The Eleventh Avalon Hussars surrender to the Vanguard Legion, mercenaries in Duke Hasek's employ. Per canon, this took place in May 3066. (Transcript)

Hasek Victory on New Syrtis - Hasek's Eighth Syrtis Fusiliers, Davion Light Guards, and Vanguard Legion defeat the Fourth Donegal Guards and the Eleventh Avalon Hussars, claiming victory. The fighting left the capital city of Saso in ruins, and destroyed the Morgan Hasek-Davion Glacier Memorial. Duke Hasek announces his intention to keep his forces out of the civil war between Victor and Katrina. Per canon, the fighting ended on May 16, 3066. (Transcript)

Proserpina Campaign[edit]

The player cannot take any missions on Proserpina, but a news report updates the status of the fighting there.

Eighth Crucis Lancers Destroyed - The Draconis Combine wipes out the embattled Eighth Crucis Lancers, who fought to the end against a DCMS force three times their size. Analysts claim that Archon Princess Katrina Steiner intentionally denied them support because they were nominally aligned with her brother Victor. Per canon, this took place in March 3066. (Transcript)

Eaton Campaign[edit]

Dates: Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner launched his bid for independence in mid-3065, and other Skye worlds, including Eaton, joined the cause as the months progressed, making early 3066 the most likely time for the Eaton campaign to play out.

Free Skye Movement Breaks Peace - A news report claims Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner is coordinating with Victor Steiner-Davion to advance his bid to gain independence for the Isle of Skye worlds. Martial law is in place on many worlds, and with frontline forces caught up in the civil war, planetary governors and industrial concerns have begun to hire mercenaries for security. (Transcript)

Merc Alley - Jonathan Thayer, the pro-Skye governor of Eaton, has hired Spectre to destroy a Lyran Loyalist convoy moving supplies across the desert west of the capital. Once victorious, Spectre salvages what his troops can carry and has the rest thermite-bombed. (Transcript)

Merc Alley A - Spectre attacks another convoy as it moves through Barlow Gap, capturing some ClanTech weapons in the process. (Transcript)

Merc Alley B - The Katrina Loyalists continue to use Barlow Gap to move supplies, but their convoys are larger and better protected. Spectre leads another raid on a convoy, but walks into a Loyalist ambush. The mercenaries break contact and inform the governor that Barlow Gap is no longer a viable target. (Transcript)

Bandit Hideaway - Free Skye has identified several enemy base locations southwest of the capital, and the governor orders Spectre to take one out with a night strike. Despite unexpectedly heavy aerospace attacks, Spectre's force knocks out a major Loyalist base. (Transcript)

Governor's Mansion - Spectre's force is assigned to guard the mansion where the governor has sent his family for safety. Lyran Loyalists attack, seeking hostages, but Spectre's forces destroy them, earning the personal gratitude of the governor and his family. (Transcript)

Mercenary Unit Thwarts Kidnapping - The Eaton Senate's mercenary liaison, Adrianna Mackey, lauds Spectre's outstanding performance in service to Free Skye. (Transcript)

Revolution - Governor Thayer hires Spectre to support Skye separatist forces battling Loyalists in the St. Andes Mountains west of the capital. Spectre takes up position in support of Third Company (under the command of "Black Six") in Barlow Gap. The fighting breaks the Loyalists, ending the fighting on Eaton. (Transcript)

(Note: "Black Six" is also the call sign used by Colonel Michael Lawhorn of the Black Knight Legion in MechWarrior 4: Black Knight. However, since Lawhorn died on Kentares IV in 3063, and this mission postdates that event, this appears to be an in-joke/homage, rather than a cameo by Lawhorn.)

  • Honor path - Black Six lives
  • Infamy path - Black Six dies

Hesperus II Campaign[edit]

Dates: The setup states that the Gray Death Legion recently finished a very costly campaign to keep the facilities in Lyran hands. The only subsequent attack on Hesperus II involving Free Skye forces during the Civil War was in early 3066.

(Infamy Path)

Escort - Spectre takes a contract to defend a Defiance Industries munitions convoy traveling on the highway between the factory and the spaceport, guarding it against attacks by Skye separatist guerrillas. The guerrillas blow the main bridge, forcing the convoy to take a dangerous detour. (Transcript)

Assault - House Steiner hires Spectre to attack and destroy the Skye separatist field base on Hesperus II. Spectre and Castle discuss the irony of having recently fought on the separatists' side on Eaton. Spectre's force destroys the base's communications station, radar, barracks, and Hrothgar DropShip. (Transcript)

'Mech Works Defense - House Steiner hires Spectre to defend the Fafnir prototypes and Defiance Industries research facilities at the Von Straub Proving Grounds from Davion-aligned guerrillas. The proving grounds garrison commander, Warbler, defends the north side of the complex, assigning Spectre's force to cover the southern approach. They identify the attackers as elements of the "Fourth Davion Heavy Guards." (Note: There is no such unit, which appears to be an amalgam of the Fourth Davion Guards and the Davion Heavy Guards. Per canon, the attackers were the Fourth Skye Rangers, in any event.) Two Hrothgar-class DropShips land to offload more attacking forces, but Spectre leads a sortie to their landing zone to destroy the ships before they can deploy their troops. Warbler recommends a triple pay bonus to the Defiance Industries board of directors, and gives Spectre a Fafnir. (Transcript)

(Honor Path)

Raid - The Skye separatists hire Spectre to attack a pair of Defiance Industries munitions plants. Defiance Industries blacklists Spectre after this mission. (Transcript)

Stealth - The separatists hire Spectre to infiltrate the Von Straub Proving Grounds and scan the facilities there for intel. A search of the Armor Integrity Lab and Weapons Integration Lab reveal some Zeuses and a pair of prototype Fafnir Assault 'Mechs. Spectre extracts before the proving ground defenders return. (Transcript)

'Mech Works Attack - Victor's Allied forces hire Spectre to destroy the Von Straub Proving Grounds and the Fafnir prototypes. The guerrillas support the attack with limited air assets, while Davion commandos infiltrate the grounds and raid the main research database. After the operation, Spectre's unit is blacklisted by the Lyran Alliance, which pledges to seek revenge after Katrina wins the war. (Transcript)

Tikonov Campaign[edit]

The player cannot take any missions on Tikonov, but in-game news reports update the progress of the fighting there.

Prince Wins Victories on Tikonov - The Tenth Lyran Guards under the personal command of Prince Victor Steiner-Davion have landed on Tikonov and won key victories against the First and Third Tikonov Republican Guards and the Fifteenth Deneb Light Cavalry. Per canon, this took place in late May, 3066. (Transcript)

Tikonov Falls to Prince's War Machine - Victor's forces take control of Tikonov after destroying the First Tikonov Republican Guard and allowing Katrina's forces to withdraw from the system under the terms of a ceasefire. Per canon, this takes place in late July, 3066. (Transcript)

Tharkad Campaign[edit]

Dates: While the in-game campaign has the player going directly from Overlord to Resupply and Checkmate in a matter of weeks to fit the compressed time-scale of the game, per canon the initial landings (Overlord) take place in August 3066, while the Resupply mission corresponds with actions in January 3067, and Checkmate takes place on April 2, 3067.

While Katrina Steiner holds court on New Avalon, her aunt, General of the Armies Nondi Steiner, serves as regent on Tharkad. Spectre helps the Kell Hounds overthrow her and install Peter Steiner-Davion as Archon.

Peter Steiner-Davion Returns - News reports state that Prince Peter Steiner-Davion has returned from ten years in seclusion to claim the Lyran Alliance throne, with the support of his brother Victor. Kell Hound units in the Arc-Royal Defense Cordon mobilize to support Peter's claim, and it is rumored that Morgan Kell is behind this power play. Per canon, this took place in August 3066. (Transcript)

Overlord - A week before the Kell Hounds land, Peter Steiner-Davion hires Spectre to support his personal troops' attack on Nondi Steiner's positions in the sector. Spectre initially serves as a decoy force to allow Peter's troops to make a flanking attack, and then his troops assault a grounded Overlord-class DropShip. Per canon, the Kell Hounds landed on August 26, 3066, so this would take place on August 19. (Transcript)

Tharkad Besieged - News reports indicate that a multiunit task force of regular military and mercenary commands has made planetfall on Tharkad, including the Kell Hounds and elements of Phelan Kell's Clan Wolf-in-Exile. MercNet names Spectre one of its "Commanders to Watch." (Transcript)

Resupply - Spectre's unit escorts a supply convoy to a landing zone where DropShips carrying Lt. Colonel Scott Bradley's Second Kell Hounds Regiment will be landing, following heavy action in the southern hemisphere. Hostile 'Mechs attack the DropShips as they land, destroying one and crippling another. One of the DropShip captains is Dashka, whom Spectre had met previously. Once resupplied, the Kell Hounds redeploy northeast of Tharkad City. Per canon, this would have taken place several months into the campaign, perhaps around January, 3067, when encirclement of the capital began. (Transcript)

Checkmate - Peter asks Spectre's force to support his command company during the final assault against Nondi's Fifteenth Lyran Guards in Tharkad City. Spectre's force eliminates an airbase and protects Peter. When Peter and Nondi face each other, she refuses his demand that she surrender. When Nondi's 'Mech is destroyed, her XO, Lt. Colonel Bryce yields and orders all Lyran Guard units to power down and surrender. Afterwards, Spectre takes a long-term security detail contract with Archon Peter. Per canon, the final battle took place on April 2, 3067. (Transcript)

New Avalon Campaign[edit]

Dates: The FedCom Civil War sourcebook indicates Katrina began recalling units to defend New Avalon in 3066 "as April approached," making it likely that the parade and speech are on March 17, 3066, when New Avalon celebrates Grain Rebellion Day - a major holiday well suited for both parades and speeches. The player's missions appear to happen very shortly after Katrina's arrest, most likely in late April, 3067.

Archon Speaks at New Avalon Parade - The Fifth Donegal Guards and Nineteenth Arcturan Guards RCTs parade through the streets of Avalon City, and Katrina gives a speech saluting their excellence and dedication to the Federated Commonwealth, while condemning insurrectionists. Per canon, they arrived in March 3066. (Transcript)

Seventeenth Called to New Avalon - With the arrival of the Seventeenth Avalon Hussars, the planetary garrison has been increased to six Katrina-loyal RCTs. Per canon, they arrived in late March, 3066. (Transcript)

War on New Avalon - Tancred Sandoval and the Second Robinson Rangers spearheads the invasion of New Avalon, engaging the Katrina-loyal Third Robinson Rangers on New Avalon's Rostock continent, along the Gaveston River. Rumors suggest the Davion Light Guards have traveled from New Syrtis to join Victor's coalition. Per canon, the Second and Third Rangers battled on 5 July 3066. (Transcript)

New Avalon Liberated - Katrina Steiner orders her forces to surrender, and is taken into custody by Victor's Allied coalition. Victor reinstates his sister Yvonne as regent. No decision on Katrina's fate has been announced. Per canon, Katrina surrendered on 20 April 3067. (Transcript)

Spaceport - Katrina Loyalist Rabid Fox agents hire Spectre's unit to infiltrate New Avalon and support their efforts to rescue Katrina. The unit's attempt at stealth fails, and they are forced to fight their way clear of the spaceport. They rendezvous with the Rabid Foxes and learn that Katrina has been taken off-planet under great secrecy. (Transcript)

Hacker Run - The Rabid Foxes assign Spectre to attack a security base, providing cover for a commando team to hack into the base computers and learn Katrina's location. The Rabid Foxes learn Katrina has been moved to Arc-Royal, but their extraction chopper is destroyed, and the commandos are killed when they try to commandeer an APC to escape. The Rabid Fox commander asks Spectre to take a special mission to Clan Wolf to ensure Katrina's rescue, but Castle recommends against getting involved with the Clans and suggests starting over in the Chaos March. (Transcript)

Carse Campaign[edit]

A Plan of Action - The Rabid Fox commander asks Spectre to deliver the information that Katrina Steiner is being held on Arc-Royal to Khan Vladimir Ward of Clan Wolf. The Foxes provide a JumpShip, then go to ground. (Transcript)

Wolf Trial - The Rabid Foxes have asked Spectre to petition Khan Vlad Ward to rescue Katrina Steiner from Arc-Royal. To satisfy his sense of honor, Khan Ward declares he will grant the request if Katrina's emissary (Spectre) can defeat a Star of bloodnamed Wolf warriors in a Trial of Position and then become a Clan Wolf bondsman. Fighting sequentially, Spectre defeats Jules Sender, Rhonda Stiles, Zel Vickers, Hanse Noruff, and Manda Ruby. Following his victory, Vlad seizes Katrina from Arc-Royal, and Spectre becomes a full-fledged warrior of Clan Wolf, eager to restart the drive to conquer Terra. (Transcript)

New Canton Campaign[edit]

Dates: The Word of Blake Chaos March expansion referenced in the article took place, per canon, in February 3066. The article cites the annexations as a response to Capellan aggression against the Styk Commonality (which is consistent given the game's compressed timeline), but per canon, that happened in 3062. Canon sources indicate the Saiph Triumvirate broke up due to internal discord in late 3067-early 3068, and its worlds became members of the Blake Protectorate. The odd mention of Clan Wolf as the aggressor on New Canton in the briefing can be dismissed as an error, since in-mission dialogue clearly identifies the OpFor as Capellan.

Word of Blake to Occupy Chaos March - Caph, Keid, New Home, Bryant, and Epsilon Eridani ask the Word of Blake to supply garrison forces to protect them against Capellan aggression, citing recent Capellan attacks against the Styk Commonality. (Note: Per canon, the Styk Commonality fell in 3062, but the Capellans were pressing the Saiph Triumvirate in 3066.) (Transcript)

Griffon Base - Spectre's mercenary force hot drops into a battle between the Stalwart Support mercenary infantry unit and the Capellan Confederation's Harloc Raiders under Colonel Wu Deng Tang, battling for control of Griffon Base. Spectre takes command of Griffon Base and assists his fellow mercenaries in battling the Capellan forces, killing Wu Tang. With the Colonel's death, Lieutenant Cho orders the Raiders to retreat, but Spectre's forces pursue them and destroy the attackers in detail. Spectre informs the planetary government he has taken control of the base, and offers to negotiate terms of service. Using Griffon Base as a launching point for more missions in the Chaos March, Spectre's unit reaches the size of a Regimental Combat Team by the start of the Jihad. This would likely take place in late 3067, since a reference is made to New Canton having been "until recently" a part of the Saiph Triumvirate, and the Triumvirate having canonically broken up over political differences in late 3067-early 3068. (Transcript)

Featured BattleMechs[edit]

Several designs including the Osiris, Hellspawn, Uziel, and Thanatos were first introduced in this game with their names decided by social media poll.[citation needed]

Featured Planets[edit]