Styk Commonality

Styk Commonality
State Profile
Dissolution year: September 3057[1]
Capital world: Styk
Controlled system(s): 2


The Styk Commonality was a defensive alliance comprising the worlds of Styk and Gan Singh in the Chaos March. Created after the joint Marik-Capellan assault on the worlds gained during the Fourth Succession War by Hanse Davion, it was formed in lieu of an alignment with any of the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere.[1] The Capellan Confederation always considered it to be Confederation territory however, and invaded it during the chaos during the FedCom Civil War, the Capellan forces were able to successfully absorb the Commonality after a terror attack to eliminate the government heads shortly after a truce was declared. Rumors suggest that the Word of Blake helped the Confederation reabsorb the Commonality in exchange for several production runs of the CDR-7L Crusader.[2]




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