Olivia Gohalm

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Olivia Gohalm
Character Profile
Also known as Olivia Fenlon[1]
Born 2983[1]
Affiliation House Fenlon
Title(s) Duchess of Chesterton[1]
Position Minister of Foreign Relations[1]
Profession Noble
Spouse Charles Fenlon[1]

Olivia Gohalm-Fenlon was the Federated Suns Minister of Foreign Relations and Duchess of Chesterton.


Born to a middle class family Olivia found the diverse mix of cultures and people on her homeworld Chesterton a source of endless fascination. This interest would lead her to develop a keen interest in history and languages. Meeting her future husband Charles Fenlon whilst at university would bring her talents to the attention of the Ministry of Foreign Relations. After her husband's death in 3011 she let her brother-in-law Nicholas Fenlon handle the day to day operations of the duchy whilst she accepted a position within the ministry.[1]


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