Green check.svg.png Official BattleTechWiki Policy
This page documents an official BattleTechWiki policy, a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all Editors. Any edit to it should reflect consensus. Consider discussing potential changes on the talk page first.

Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell:
1. Images must be relevant to an article; BTW is not an image repository.
2. Images must name their source; modified images must be marked as such.
3. There should be only one image in the Infobox; other images should appear in a gallery and have a descriptive caption.

Image tenets[edit]

Images must be relevant to an article[edit]

Please keep in mind that the BattleTechWiki is not meant to be an image repository. Contributors are discouraged from uploading image files purely for their artistic value.

Images must be relevant to an article for legal reasons: Uploading copyrighted images for no good reason puts BTW in legal jeopardy because this may not be covered by the fair use doctrine and would then technically constitute a copyright violation.
It is important to note that essentially every image can be assumed to be copyrighted, including fan art on the internet. Importing images from other internet sites is generally discouraged.

Unless it was specifically created for BTW to improve an article, the relevance of fan work is generally questionable.

Images must name their source[edit]

Images must have a source or attribution listed on their description page that can be verified. If an image is not taken directly from a canonical source then it must be marked appropriately, as per Policy:Canon.

Please note that any edit or modification to an image technically constitutes fan work, requiring attribution to the last editor (usually in addition to the original artist) and eliminating the image's canon status. BTW prefers canonical images over fan art, even if the fan art is directly based on a canonical image and merely meant to improve image quality. (Cropping is considered to be an exception to this requirement, where an image is reduced to focus in on a specific perspective. Full attribution is still required, but the image should be noted as cropped.)

Only one image in the Infobox[edit]

Most infobox templates allow for the inclusion of an image, to provide a visual impression of the article's subject at the top of an article. This should be limited to a single informative image.

If other images pertaining to the subject exist on BTW and you feel they would improve the article although they do not belong to a specific paragraph, consider adding a gallery. As a consequence of the requirement that images must be relevant, galleries should always include a descriptive caption for each image.

Uploading guide[edit]

  1. Images must be relevant to at least one article on a particular subject, and in some way contribute to understanding the article. Please note that image galleries as such do not qualify as an article.
  2. All images uploaded to BTW are required to have the source (with page number, if possible) included in the Summary field of the "Upload file" page.
  3. Do not upload a picture that is already available on BTW; please check this beforehand. Keep in mind that different file formats are technically treated as different images even if the visual content is identical.
  4. When appropriate, images should be cropped to show only the relevant portions. There is no need to include a full Warhammer image if you are only discussing the shoulder-mounted SRM-6.
  5. Just as you write high quality article text, strive to include high-quality images.
  6. Images must have a relevant and descriptive name.
    1. Image names like mech.jpg, bookcover.jpg, or 1stsol.jpg are not useful. Image names like CloudCobra-StarCommanderInsignia.png, TRO3075-Cover.jpg, 1stSwordOfLightInsignia-3025.jpg are useful to editors and preferred.
    2. If you upload an image that shares the same name as an image already in the wiki, the new image will replace the older one.

Using images in articles[edit]

  1. Images in an article (either thumbnails or galleries) should always have a descriptive caption, unless as part of an infobox.
  2. "Infobox pages" (used by combat units, combat commands, and weapons among others) should only have one image in the infobox.
  3. If more than 4 thumbnail images (not counting one displayed in the infobox) are to be included, if the article is too small to allow an easy fit of additional images or if the images are over-sized, a gallery of images will be inserted following the primary text of the article (but before the References section).
  4. Avoid using repetitious images in the gallery unless comparing differences.
  5. Images on pages without an infobox should appear next to or near the topic they are discussing. For example, the Colonel page shows the rank insignia for each faction is shown near the header. Maps in the Fourth Succession War article would be included in the relevant section for each front or wave.
  6. If too many images are present in relation to the text (including those within a gallery), the least-relevant images may be 'stored' on the article's talk page in order to solicit feedback or until that time the article has been suitably lengthened to accomodate more images.
  7. Please do not use animated images.


It is sometime appropriate to add an image to occur within the text of the article, generally when it is providing visual demonstration of an object discussed within the text. Articles should be limited to no more than four of these 'thumbnails', and less if the article is short. They can be located on either on the left or the right of the text and sometimes have to be placed within the 'code' of the text in order to be properly placed.

To create a Thumbnail, all you need to do is edit your page and include this code:


Guide to thumbnails:

  1. First field (on the left of the first pipe (|): replace "imagename" with the image's file name. Don't forget the extension (ex: .jpg, .gif, .png, etc.).
  2. Second field (after the first pipe): change to "right" if you want it to appear on the right side of the article. If an infobox is present on the page, the picture may have to be on the left side.
  3. Third field (after second pipe): this is required to create a thumbnail; leave it be.
  4. Fourth field (after the last pipe): This is the caption, and is required. Replace "caption" with your text. Wikilinks will work here, if deemed appropriate.

The Warhammer page uses a Thumbnail to the left of the WHM-8D entry, to provide a visual for that variant.


For pages with an infobox and a lot of images please consider adding a "Gallery" section to the page. This will do a few things:

  1. Present the images in a nice, consistent way.
  2. Keep the images and text separate so Editors can find what they're looking for.
  3. Add a link to the Table of Contents so everyone can see your images easily.

Using a gallery is particularly useful on pages where the unit has many variants and images of them, like the Warhammer page.

To create a Gallery, all you need to do is edit your page and include this code:

File:IMAGEFILENAME1|Image1 caption text
File:IMAGEFILENAME2|Image2 caption text.

The Warhammer page uses this method to bring the images together using this code:

==Sample Gallery==
File:WarhammerInternalSchematics.jpg|The internal schematics of a ''Warhammer''. Note the pilot on the right.
File:Warhammer.jpg|''Warhammer'' from the cover of the original box set.

This code displays like this in the article:

Sample Gallery[edit]