Anti-Penetrative Ablation Armor

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Anti-Penetrative Ablation Armor was developed by the Draconis Combine in 3114[1] specifically to defeat Armor Piercing Ammunition and Tandem-Charge Warheads. This was accomplished by adding a second layer of "ribbed" steel below the standard armor plate. Though effective against armor piercing ammunition of all types, the ribbed steel has no effect on standard autocannon ammunition, energy weapons, or physical attacks.[2]

Game Rules[edit]

Anti-Penetrative Ablation Armor applies a -2 modifier on any critical hit check as long as the area struck has at least one point of APA left. APA is only effective against armor-piercing ammunition and weapons, including armor-piercing autocannon and mortar rounds, tandem-charge missiles, and Tasers of all sorts. This -2 modifier also applies when checking for a hit location roll of 2 (regardless of the Floating Critical rule). Critical hits to APA slots have no effect.

It is Advanced Technology when introduced. One ton of armor provides 12 points of protection. On a BattleMech, it occupies six critical slots; On fighters it takes up one slot in the rear location; vehicle-mounted BRA occupies 1 critical slot. It can be mounted on OmniMechs but may not be pod mounted.[2][3]


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Anti-Penetrative Ablation Armor is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
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