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My Name is Ty;er. I originally started playing the Mechwarrior 4 Video Game: Vengeance. I graduate to MW4: Mercenaries where I joined a CLan Ghost Bear online and earned myself a bloodname. I've used the name ever since. I am not a typical Ghost Bear, as my history has shaped my career. After two seperate falls of my Clan, I eventually formed a Clan Wolf, with my previous SaKhan, a former Wolf warrior by the name of Eliminator Sinclair. After a near Annihilation thanks to Clan Cloud Cobra, and a Spheroid ad-hoc unit known simply as "The Snipers", we good friends spilt and went our seperate ways. He continued as Clan Wolf Khan, and I eventually worked my way up under Clan Wolverine, funally becoming Khan. Before you judge me for being a Wolverine supporter (and I only recently learned about the Ghost Bears fued with them), I am the kind of person who appreciates the last stand: Thermoplyae, Alamo, Circe... those people have honour. Regardless, Clan Wolveirne eventually fell, but not before taking revenge on the Cloud Cobras and their assorted allies. A side project of mine at the time was the Strike Lancer Regiments. Originally meant to be an alternate timeline (based on my MW:4 Mercs experiance) it eventualyl grew into a Shadow Unit to frighten my enemies. With help form a Star Captain Dominicka Bekker, formerly of my Ghost Bear Clan, the unit eventually grew (thru RP too) to become a massive juggernaut: to list them here now would take up a huge ammount of space (although my project is currently trying to fit two models of them: one in their original form, and one in their current form after 12 years of opperation in this alternate timeline). The Strike Lancer Regiments continued for a while, until I formed another actual clan on the game: the Black Thorns : similar to the canon unit, but with a more Clan flair: their leader being Jeremiah Rosse (not Rose). The Unit, I'm sad to say was one of my favorites, until I lead them to disaster, which I take full blame. I messed around for a bit in various other configurations of MW Aspects, including NBT-Hardcore, and an online Tabletop version, earning several different titles (From Steel Viper Khan (and the Bloodname of Andrews somehow) to Hansetic League Captain General) but regardless I kept my original bloodname. I run a small invisionfree site (It's always been small in numbers) where I'm building my Codex properly, and where I'm assembling a Great Work.

Why I joined Well to put it simply, an enemy of mine: one Josh Wolf of Wolf's Dragoons, I had declared Annihilation on him and the majority of his unit. He was the warrior who split my beloved Clan Wolf, and formed his supposedly 'neutral' Clan Cloud Cobra, leaving a Star to face the wrath of a Battalion of "Snipers". Needless to say we have taken revenge, time and time again. Regardless, while searching thru the Wikia one day I came about his page... where his fanon Mercenary Unit STOLE elements of my Strike Lancers: their name, their history, their motto, their commanders, and their Regimental names. Regardless to say I was annoyed. So one way of getting back at him was creating a new fanon unit: Battalion level strength, to combat his unit. Now while you may say one Battalion versus his five regiments is insanity.... that's the kind of person I am.