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Quick Help[edit]

Recommend reading:

  1. First, review the official MediaWiki Editing Guide to learn how to edit a wiki. You can also check out the whole MediaWiki Help Contents.
  2. Next, learn about MediaWiki's Wikitext Syntax (wiki != HTML). You can also print out a Wikitext Reference Card
  3. Play around in Help:Sandbox. This article is meant to be used for testing.
  4. Finally, please contribute to the BattleTech Wiki!

Getting Started[edit]

What To Contribute[edit]

Whatever you want! Contribute anything that comes to mind.

However, if you want some guidance, there are To-Do and Wanted lists.


  1. General disclaimer
  2. Policies, Essays, Procedures & Projects
  3. Manual of Style
  4. Uncompleted Policies
  5. Template gallery
  6. Article Naming
  7. Assume good faith
  8. Be bold
  9. Canon
  10. Consensus
  11. Copyrights
  12. Disruptive editing
  13. Editing
  14. Fanon
  15. Images
  16. Libel
  17. Manual of Style
  18. Moratorium
  19. Neutral point of view
  20. No legal threats
  21. No personal attacks
  22. Notability
  23. Privacy
  24. Sign your posts on talk pages
  25. Talk page
  26. Vandalism
  27. Year Pages
  28. Policy

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