M61A Laser Rifle Combat System


The Federated-Barrett M61A Laser Rifle Combat System is a high-tech laser rifle produced by Federated-Barret, a subsidiary of Federated Industries and the primary small-arms supplier for the Federated Suns. Representing Federated-Barrett's first mass-produced laser weapon, the M61A was built on the same principles as the M42B Rifle System by combining a laser rifle with an underslung Compact Grenade Launcher with detachable five-round magazine. While not as configurable as the M42B, the weapon is compact enough for close-quarters fighting as well as battlefield combat. In addition to a Laser Sight and connections for a military power pack, the system also has receptacles to fit two standard power packs.[1]



Item: M61A Combat System
Equipment Rating: E/X-X-D/E
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 4E/4
Range: 70/225/480/1100 meters
Power Points per Shot: 5
Cost/Reload: 7150/-
Affiliation: FS
Mass/Reload: 9kg/-
Notes: Includes Laser Sight and Compact Grenade Launcher



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