Green check.svg.png Official BattleTechWiki Policy
This page documents an official BattleTechWiki policy, a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all Editors. Any edit to it should reflect consensus. Consider discussing potential changes on the talk page first.

Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell: This page documents what is and is not sufficiently notable to warrant inclusion on BattleTechWiki, and suggests how to include it.

BattleTech Information[edit]

Every bit of information that has to do with BattleTech warrants inclusion on the BattleTechWiki.

This includes, but is not limited to, fictional places, characters, items, technology or events within the fictional universe, as well as real companies and people that have owned, licensed, or worked on BattleTech.

Stub Articles[edit]

Many articles may only have very little information pertaining to the subject. Such articles are referred to as "Stub" articels, and may be tagged with {{stub}}.

In a deliberate change to previous user consensus, Stub Articles are now deemed acceptable. Whereas these were discouraged in the past, and summary list articles were proposed instead, User Consensus in early 2019 decreed that everything should have its own article, and that the Sarna.net BattleTechWiki should abandon the concept of "minor" for subjects about which there is very little information available. In this regard, Stub Articles are now preferred over having no article at all, and all summary articles should be turned into individual articles as a general rule.

Sub-Stub Pages[edit]

While it is one of BattleTechWiki's stronger philosophies that all things BattleTech rate placement on the site, a bare minimum of notability is required. That 'minimum notability' rule is that an article, when initially completed, must provide some in-universe information about the subject of the article that encompasses more than just the name itself. In other words, articles must serve a greater purpose than simply providing evidence of existence of the article's subject.

It is not the intention of the BTW project to 'fill in' all redlinks so that they are no longer red, but instead provide a minimum amount of information to the individual reader whom has followed that link to the article. 'Empty articles' are those that list no information, or extremely limited information, such as only a reference, a mostly-empty infobox or a seemingly obvious statement (ex: "a military unit", "an Inner Sphere company", "some character"). These 'empty articles' are considered by BTW to be 'sub-stubs', in that they are less notable than extremely simple articles ('stubs') and provide no pertinent information to the article's perceived subject. If the subject of the article is not notable enough to be provided an acceptable amount of context by the initiating Editor, then it is not notable enough for inclusion on BattleTechWiki.

In order to prevent the proliferation of these sub-stubs, but acknowledging that an article may not yet be completed by the initiating Editor, when a later Editor comes across a page that clearly fails to meet article status, they are authorized to tag the page with the {{sub-stub}}. In doing so, the article is automatically included in the Sub-stub category, where it must be allowed at least 7 days (from tagging) before an Admin may delete it. Those seven days allow any Editor the necessary time to 'rescue' the article before deletion. The same Editor is also authorized to remove the {{sub-stub}} tag (once the 'rescue' has been completed). However, articles ignored throughout that seven day period, upon the full passing of the time period, may be deleted by an Admin without further discussion.

Sub-stubs may also be saved from the immediate seven-day deletion by simply having the template removed, but -as long as the three-revert rule is not violated- that same template may be re-applied at any time. Likewise, an Editor may respond to the sub-stub template removal by adding the article deletion template ({{deletion|1}}), prompting a discussion regarding the article's value and possible immediate deletion, once consensus has been achieved.

To re-iterate, this aspect of the notability policy is meant to allow for all potential BattleTech subjects to be represented, but still provide a measure of distinction and value to articles included, thereby protecting the overall project's integrity.

Non-related Information[edit]

While it is understood and appreciated that some aspects of the BattleTech universe share some unintentional similarities with other genres (especially science fiction), BattleTechWiki is not the place to provide comparisons or trivial references to other non-BattleTech storylines. An example of this would be an entry with a planet that may share the name with a noted planet in the Star Trek or Star Wars universes; the information would not be relevant to the in-character article of the BattleTech subject. (An acceptable exception to this policy would be an instance where the real-world background of a BattleTech subject was the direct and referenced result (or acknowledgment) of some external subject, such as Buckaroo Banzai is with Team Banzai.)