Power Pack (Battle Armor)

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A Power Pack is the source of energy necessary for the functioning of battle armor and Exoskeleton suits. Unlike BattleMechs and other large vehicles, these suits are too small for fusion engines and instead rely on batteries and internal rechargers to remain operational. All suits include an integral power pack which provides enough power for 24 hours of continuous use, which is more than enough for most battles, but for longer campaigns some suits will include additional power packs.[1]

These additional batteries are modifications of the normal power packs which run electronics and weaponry used by infantry. Rather than drain all of the batteries at the same rate, an automated system switches from one pack to another as soon as it is completely depleted, maximizing their potential charge. Due to their superior technology, each additional Clan power pack provides another 12 hours of operation, while each additional Inner Sphere power pack only provides 10 hours.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

An armor suit may mount multiple power packs, although they play no role in CBT play.[1] Power packs weigh 25kg and take up one space slot.[2]


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