Production information
Manufacturer Taurian Concordat
Use Orbital Power Station
Basic Communication Relay
Type (Shape) Satellite (Medium)
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost  ???
Introduced 2798[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 45 Tons
Structural Integrity 1
Engine (Type) Electric (Solar)
Safe Thrust 0.1
Maximum Thrust 0.2
Fuel None
Burn Rate None
Armament None
Armor BAR 3
Heat Sinks None
Crew None
Passengers None
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0)


The PowerSat is a satellite which is used as a orbital solar power station. This vehicle sends solar power via microwave transmitter focus at a receiving station the ground that provides electrical power communities and industry.


In the desperate days of the First Succession War, resources for various worlds in the Inner Sphere would suffer from the downfall of the Star League, includes worlds in the Periphery. In Taurian Concordat, engineers would dig through archives to rediscover the solar power technology which was abandoned with advent of the rise in the use of fusion power plants.

Using this technology, the PowerSat was born. The design was credited in saving the Taurian world of Pinard from sliding back into Pre-industrial Age. This was due crumbling High-Tech infrastructure Star League had created. These worlds became dependent on a steady stream of replacement parts. The PowerSat was devised by the Taurian Concordat's engineers as a modest size satellites could be used in orbit of a far flung colony world or devastated high-tech world where the technology was desperately needed to sustain life on the planet.

The Inner Sphere powers during the course of the Succession Wars, would soon turn to solar satellites to replace lost technology in throws of near Armageddon. Typically, these satellites would be used singularly or teamed in clusters to power cities and supplement planetary power plants.[2][3]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

The PowerSat is construction basic Inner Sphere technology, which was sustainable during dark days of the Succession Wars. Engineers would use only the most basic equipment in order for it perform it's primary function as power relay satellite. The vehicle is Solar Powered, using minimum of thrust to typically hold and maintain geosynchronous orbits above ground receiving station. The craft's hull is protected with minimum of half ton of BAR 3 Rated armor to give means resist micro debris hitting it.

The vehicle's main mission equipment is it's 14 ton low-density Power Collector and Microwave Transmitter (PCMT). The device broadcasts solar energy it collects and broadcasts it to a power collection station on the ground. These relay stations are usually several kilometer wide.

The vehicle also features a 1 ton communication equipment to allow it to communicate to ground station and provide basic communications for colonies below and in orbit.[4][5]


As of this writing, there are no published record sheets or any battle value assigned to this vehicle.


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