Pulse Laser Pistol

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Pulse Laser Pistol


The Pulse Laser Pistol is a Pulse Laser design first produced within the Inner Sphere. It is slightly larger and more expensive than a Laser Pistol, but is capable of burst-fire mode and conserves more power while inflicting more damage.[1] In time, the Clans would produce their own version of this weapon, superior in every way to the original.[2]



Item: Pulse Laser Pistol
Equipment Rating: D/B-F-C/D
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 3E/2B
Range: 12/30/70/195 meters
Power Points per Shot: 2
Cost: 1000
Affiliation: -
Mass: 1kg
Notes: Burst 5, Recoil 0



Item: Pulse Laser Pistol, Clan
Equipment Rating: F/X-C-C/D
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 3E/3B
Range: 15/35/80/200 meters
Power Points per Shot: 3
Cost: 1500
Affiliation: Clans
Mass: 1kg
Notes: Burst 5; Recoil 0



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