Rangefinder Binoculars

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Rangefinder Binoculars are special binoculars that combine the functions of a binocular, telescope and infrared sensor, with a maximum range of 100 kilometers and magnification of 400x.[1] The magnification and focus can be adjusted by two controls, allowing an individual to see anything out to the horizon on a clear day. It can measure the distance to any object by use of a tiny infrared laser and display that information, along with wind direction and speed, temperature and light levels, all at the push of a button. Night vision circuitry allows the user to see in the dark while an infrared scanner can pick up concealed heat signatures. At twenty-five meters the binoculars can pick out a rodent's body heat or the footsteps left behind by a human within the last ten minutes. Human-sized heat sources can be picked up at a range of one kilometer, while an active BattleMech can be spotted at ten kilometers or more, depending on the weather and heat status.[2] While durable, the binoculars' microelectronics are difficult to adjust or repair, limiting their use.[1]



Item: Rangefinder Binoculars[3]
Equipment Ratings: D/A-C-B/A
Cost: 200
Affiliation: None
Mass: 500g
Power use: 0.1 Power Points per hour


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