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Something strikes me as strange about the list of planets given here. I had thought that the idea of bird-dog was that it would serve as a distraction and pull forces away from the 'front line'. And that these troops were not relieved right away, but in later waves of Bulldog. It is also said that they 'prevented garrison forces from reinforcing targets of the first wave

  • This makes sense for some of the worlds listed, Yamarovka, Hanover, Virentofta, Luzerne, and Byesville, were all Wave 2 planets and for the most part fit the description of 'behind front lines' given in Shattered Sphere.
  • But Asgard, Hyner, Kiamba, and Tarazed were all 1st wave planets, and furthermore pretty much "front line" planets, what would be the point of sending Bird-dog forces to these worlds? It would be impossible to 'prevent reinforcements' of first wave planets if the forces were ON first wave planets, if anything all it would do is give reinforcements sent from other worlds a head start to get there right when Bulldog forces did.
  • Are we sure that list is accurate? (Shattered Sphere doesn't list the planets for Bird-Dog. Guess I need to pick up the PDF for Dragon Roars and see what it says.) Having first wave front line worlds on the list of planets for Bird-Dog makes no sense at all to me.— The preceding unsigned comment was provided by (talkcontribs) .
The list is indeed accurate. The TDR review of Bird Dog makes no mention of pulling forces away from the front line or reinforcing other front line worlds, merely lulling the Jaguars into assuming the best the new Star League could do was just more low level raids against their worlds, obtaining intelligence and hopefully hold out til Bulldog.Cyc 12:12, 6 August 2011 (UTC)

But that puts the info in TDR in direct conflict with what's in Shattered Sphere where it describes the worlds as behind the front lines, and the objective (along with gathering intelligence) as intended to distract the Jaguar's from the main forces preparations, and persuade the Clan to reassign front-line units to deal with the Insurgents. when discussing the outcome it says effectively crippling the Jaguar's ability to meet a large scale attack... prevented Smoke Jaguar garrison troops from reinforcing their comrades on worlds targeted in the first invasion wave. I don't see how you accomplish any of those things by hitting first wave worlds with bird-dog, it just draws the attention to where you don't want it. If the aim is misdirection, you don't misdirect TO your target, but away from it. If you want them to re-assign units away from the front line, you don't hit the front line, but somewhere else. if all you want is intelligence for the first wave, you send in DEST guys and do stuff covertly so you don't draw attention to your target.--Tempus 22:06, 6 August 2011 (UTC)

Meh, bought and downloaded TDR and it's not possible to misread this stuff, that list is exactly what they give, and also what is shown in maps, etc. Clearly 4 first wave worlds were among the 9 targeted by bird-dog. It sure seems to conflict with the stated objectives and 'behind the lines' descriptions, but there you have it. --Tempus 23:05, 6 August 2011 (UTC)