• 23 July 2017: New Unseen lawsuit? (Frabby)
Looking for an explanation as to why the newly released Technical Readout: Succession Wars omitted some prominent designs that all happen to be Unseen, fans found that Harmony Gold has apparently filed a new lawsuit against Harebrained Schemes and Jordan Weisman, among others. Line Developer Ray Arrastia stated on the BatteTech Forum that he is "not at liberty to discuss ongoing legal matters at this time."
  • 11 June 2017: CGL BattleTech Forum back online (Frabby)
After a two week hiatus, the official BattleTech web presence and especially the BattleTech Forum is back online. The last three days of postings prior to the outage have apparently been lost. The BattleCorps site remains offline.
  • 22 May 2017: 2016 Founder's Awards (Nicjansma)
The BattleTechWiki Founders Awards are here! 2016 Founders Awards.