Sarna News: Crossing Generations


  • 26 October 2016: 20,000th article (Frabby)
Today, the 20,000th article was created on Sarna. This marks Sarna (and BattleTech) as one of the biggest fan wiki projects out there.
Numbers are arbitrary as articles are continuously created and occasionally also deleted (and aren't numbered), but at this time, the honor of being the 20,000th article goes to the article about the DropShip Gorgon Gal.
  • 7 October 2016: Assistant LD Ben Rome steps down (Frabby)
Long-time Assistant BattleTech Line Developer Ben H. Rome announced on his homepage that as of 7 October 2016 he was no longer Assistant Line Developer, and not working for BattleTech or CGL anymore. Raised to the position by his gaming friend and then-Line Developer Herb Beas (who left the LD position in 2013), he had himself declined the LD position and had been hinting for some time already that he might retire. Ben Rome's work includes the acclaimed The Wars of Reaving and Combat Manual: Kurita and is held in particularly high esteem by the fan base, who had nothing but praise and good wishes for him and expressed regret at his decision to leave BattleTech.
  • 25 May 2016: 2015 Founder's Awards (Nicjansma)
Please congratulate the winners of the 2015 Founders Awards, giving recognition to all of the amazing community members and their contributions over the last year.