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Military Intelligence (Kungs Armee)

Divison Information
Mimir Command:
General Hans Mohn
Named after Nordic runes.
The field agents are successful at operation in occupied territory. In unknown terrain they have problem. This agency operated after the cell system (4-6 people forge a cell, each with specialized skills and heavy cross training => make it difficult to break). The cell work under a controller or independent. Their two main task is to gather information in preparation of an raid and to make forecasts of enemy actions
Field Operations (Pertra):
Överste Björn Pedersen
The operatives suffer heavy looses to fulfill their mission. Trained for surveillance in enemy territory the agents undertake task like information gathering, sabotage and assassination.
Communications and Signals (As):
Överste Anita Olson
This Branch are the link between the field agents. It use everything possible, from the latest high-tech to carrier pigeons. Another mission is the interception and decoding of enemy communication. Also make transportation possible.
Data Analysis (Thürs):
Överste Jack Sharov
They filter the huge mountains of data gathered from the Field Operations and Communications Department. They have not the best stand but are essential for many successful missions.
Counter Intelligence (Giof):
|Överste Dolores Brin-Kotis
Their goal is to prevent the Clans from gaining vital information for possible raids. ComStar and Word of Blake are also under observation. For an mission agents work close together with the RIIA and law enforcement agencies.

Rasalhague Internal Intelligence Agency (RIIA)

Divison Information
Hjalmer Kirch
Charged with maintaining internal security and handling major crimes spanning more than one world.


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