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About MeEdit

What about me? You got a problem with me? Well? Do ya?! (It's a reference so I don't feel compelled to fix it.)

I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), so if I edited your (insert whatever I wasn't supposed to edit) to fix grammar/spelling/punctuation/whatever errors, I'm sorry. You will notice, however, that I did not alter the flavor text/story line or other information. So cut me some slack, okay? I can't help myself... "teh" is like Kryptonite to me...(shudders.)


More minor edits than you could possibly want to spend your time counting.

I have added several custom 'Mech designs that I deemed worthy of seeing sunlight.

The Black Dog-a 'Mech that I designed from scratch and that has become one of my favorite BattleTech creations ever, though I have designed more powerful units.

The Prophecy, another 'Mech I designed.

The Ascendant. One of the most powerful 'Mechs I have designed, it is the most powerful that I can still find the statistics for because I entered it into the computer as I was making it. It is my baby, and I have yet to see it lose in single combat. It gives me a warm fuzzy I swallowed a gerbil.

I may or may not upload pictures for my 'Mechs, depending on whether or not I can draw something I deem high enough quality to post, and whether or not I remember to actually add it to the article in question.


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Current TaskEdit

Add both BV (1.0) and (2.0) entries to every 'Mech, starting with the assault 'Mechs.