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About MeEdit

I find cleaning up messy articles more soothing than is probably healthy. With the release of MWO, I have revived my interest in fixing up the wiki. I don't know how long this will last, as I fade in and out of interest on a number of traditionally geeky activities, but I will do what I can while I am here. I take entirely too much pride in the number of minor edits I have performed while cleaning up the wiki.


More minor edits than you could possibly want to spend your time counting. Early on, I helped standardize the formats of capitalization for weapons and such.

I added several custom 'Mech designs that I deemed worthy of seeing sunlight before they were removed in the fanon purge.


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Edit Count (2,000) Time in Service (9 years) Casual Edit Award, 1st ribbon

Current TaskEdit

Clean up the infantry weapons entries, and hunt down all examples of "biblography" on the site and destroy them. I will also be targeting "honour", "armour" and other such British English spellings in order to make the site look more professional.