William H. Keith, Jr.

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William H. Keith, Jr. (born August 8, 1950) is an author. His six-book Warstrider series is currently out-of-print. He was also an early author for BattleTech.

Keith also writes under various pseudonyms and "house names", including Ian Douglas and H. Jay Riker, and is a shadow author of several books "by" celebrities. He has been writing extensively in Keith Laumer's Bolo series, contributing several short stories to the Bolo anthologies, as well as full length books including,Bolo Strike and Bolo Rising. As Ian Douglas, he writes a SF/military series, The Heritage Trilogy, with the premise being the US Marine Corps operating on Mars.

Other novels include Diplomatic Act with Peter Jurasik. He is also continuing Keith Laumer's Retief series with Retief's Peace, published in May, 2007.[1]

Keith's first non-fiction book, The Science of the Craft, was published in 2005. It is about the link between witchcraft and science.

Keith, a Wiccan and a Reiki master, is also a member of Western Pennsylvania Mensa.

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