10th Brigade (SLDF)

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10th Brigade
Unit Profile (as of 2581)
Parent Formation 4th Division
Formed 2571


The Tenth Brigade was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army. Formed as a part of the 4th Division during the creation of the SLDF, the 10th Brigade was a part of II Corps during Operation UNION HOLD. The 10th Brigade served as a part of the Outworlds Alliance Task Force from the start of the operation in 2581, until the entire 4th Division was transferred to the Taurian Concordat front in 2584.[1]

The 10th was stationed on Conroe when the invasion of the Alliance began and was deployed forward to pacify the population of Niles in 2581,[2] before taking part in the attack on Sevon in late 2581. The 10th Brigade and the other units of the 4th Division and the 6th Royal Division would face the combined forces of the Pitcairn Legion and the Alliance 4th Armored Division, in what turned into a grueling month of combat that left the 6th Royal Division heavily damaged and the commander of the Outworlds Alliance Task Force immensely frustrated.[3]

After spending 2582 on Sevon, the 10th saw active combat repeatedly in 2583, after being mustered on Ki Zoban along with the majority of V Corps; the 10th was one of the six brigades which General Amos Forlough led against the world of Cerberus in early 2583. Once the SLDF forces had defeated the bulk of the Outworlds Alliance Militia forces on Cerberus, Forlough led the 10th personally on a series of seek and destroy raids as a part of his plan to defeat the will and ability of the Alliance to resist by attacking civilian populations and industries. Under Forlough's command, the 10th raided the Alliance worlds of Loparri, Mitchella, and Quatre Belle, leaving destruction in their wake.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 10th Brigade



Composition History[edit]



Reunification War[edit]

  • When randomly generating force experience, all 10th Brigade forces apply a +2 bonus to the Random Experience Level roll.[5]
  • All 10th Brigade units add a +1 bonus to Initiative rolls.[5]
  • All 10th Brigade units may Force the Initiative.[5]
  • All 10th Brigade units may utilize Overrun Combat.[5]
  • All 10th Brigade units receive a +1 bonus on Availability Rolls for Advanced Components.[5]
  • All 10th Brigade units receive a +1 bonus to repair rolls.[5]
  • All 10th Brigade units receive a +1 bonus to determine the availability of supplies or replacement equipment.[5]


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