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Altair (Individual Altair-class spacecraft)

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This article is about the individual vessel. For other uses, see Altair (disambiguation).
Vessel Profile
Class Altair


Authorized by the Alliance Space Command (ASC), the AS Altair was launched by the Western Alliance to explore Mars. The AS Altair was the first of the Altair-class transports and used a conventional chemical propulsion system. Launched in July 2017, with a crew of six, the AS Altair was equipped with scientific instrumentation and supplies for the year-long round trip.[1]

The AS Altair had at least three sister ships, including the AS Procyon, which launched a month after the AS Altair and performed the second manned mission to Mars[1] and the AS Columbia, which launched in 2018, and which was refitted in 2026, to become the first fusion-powered interstellar transport.[2]


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