Anti TSM Missile


Anti Triple Strength Myomer missiles were created by the Federated Suns in an elaborate plot to give the Federated Suns an advantage over the Capellan Confederation as a result of the Suns "leaking" the TSM formula to the Confederation.[1] These missiles use a special gas which reacts violently with the Experimental TSM carried in a Mech. This formula was already prepared before the first Confederation Mech mounting this experimental type of TSM left the factory. Developed and ready to deploy in 3027, the Capellans deploying the first TSM Mech in 3028.[2] By 3050 the Capellans had overcome the issues with the chemical reactivity to the gas, in turn creating the standard Triple Strength Myomer.


Anti TSM Missiles can be carried in place of standard SRM missiles and LRM missiles. These missiles have had their targeting systems stripped down to fit the gas canisters, as a result, only half the volley can hit any target.[3]

When a TSM volley hits a hex, or unit in a hex, fill that hex with the gas up to two levels above the underlying terrain. For visibility purposes, treat the smoke as Heavy Smoke. Any Mech with exposed internal structure also mounting Prototype Triple Strength Myomer which has spent a turn in the gas, receives a forced critical hit, which is resolved as normal. This type of critical hit cannot roll a head/limb blown off critical hit. A direct missile impact into an exposed area of the mech adds an additional 6 damage to the location hit if the Mech mounts TSM for each unarmored location struck by the volley. The Mech will also sustain 6 damage to unarmored locations when entering a gas covered hex.[4]

In the event of a miss, the missile will scatter 1 hex adjacent to the target hex, determined by a 1D6 die roll, where it will deploy the smoke.[5]

This missile otherwise has no effect on a Mech mounting conventional, non-prototype TSM, or conventional Myomer, and is resolved as a standard missile of it's respective type (with a maximum of half the volley hitting the target).[6]

If targeting Infanrty with Myomer implants, deal the damage as normal, then add a 2D6 roll for damage to inflict upon the infantry. If infantry using myomer implants enter a hex with gas, but has not been directly struck by the missiles, roll 1D6 to determine damage. Do not roll the additional damage for entry into a gas filled hex if the infantry is equipped with proper protection, such as spacesuits or another appropriate type of environmental protection.[7]


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