Anton Shatner

Shatner's Scrap and Collectives

Anton Shatner
Profession Company Owner


Anton Shatner was the owner of Shatner's Scrap and Collectives. This is a company, located in Xolara, Solaris City, has been on Shatner's family for over more than 150 years and that has continued to thrive over the years. Anton signed an exclusive rights contract with the King of the Mountain arena to collect all the salvage from the arena not reserved for victorious MechWarriors. The company's scrapyard is a virtual BattleMech graveyard with parts allegedly dating back to the Star League era. Those parts, which can fetch a lot of money, are stored along antique vehicles and tanks from the days the SLDF tested their equipment on the Game World in well secured places. Ten trained dog guards and two armed guards equipped with industrial Exoskeletons patrol the scrapyard at any given time.[1]


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