BattleMech Recognition Cards

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BattleMech Recognition Cards
Product information
Type Supplement
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1675
First published 1993
ISBN-10 1-555602-02-4
MSRP 20.00 US $

The BattleMech Recognition Card pack is a set of 160 full-color cards that give technical details on the BattleMechs from the 3025 and 3050 Technical Readouts. The cards are color-coded to differentiate the Succession War-era 'Mechs (3025) from those of the Clan Invasion period. Also included are sixteen Clan OmniMech designs.

Five bonus cards are provided that describe the major Inner Sphere factions of the 3050 era - the Federated Commonwealth, the Free Rasalhague Republic, the Capellan Confederation, the Free Worlds League, and the Draconis Combine. Four Clans are represented as well - Clan Wolf, Clan Ghost Bear, Clan Jade Falcon, and Clan Smoke Jaguar.

The Unseen 'Mechs are provided in the pack with the "original" Technical Readout: 3025 illustrations.