Elephant Gun


The Elephant Gun is a massive weapon, using the widest bore and firing the heaviest ammo of any shoulder-fired ballistic rifle. Such is the power of this gun that, were a person to fire both barrels at once, they would severely injure their shoulder and be knocked to the ground by the recoil. These weapons are typically used by Periphery explorers to take out alien beasts in one or two shots; against humans an Elephant Gun is considered massive overkill.[1]



Item: Elephant Gun[2]
Equipment Rating: B/B-C-C/C
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 5B/6
Range: 20/60/160/400 meters
Shots: 2
Cost/Reload: 100/2
Affiliation: PER
Mass/Reload: 5kg/40g
Notes: -2 to Attack Roll


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