G-150 Hunting Rifle

M&G G-150 Rifle


The Mauser & Gray G-150 Hunting Rifle is a highly-popular rifle for hunters throughout the Lyran Alliance produced by Mauser & Gray Firearms. Rugged, accurate and dependable, the G-150 is semi-modular for customization, although it comes with a detachable telescopic scope and gun case as standard. The weapon can be fired in either single-shot or burst-fire modes.[1]



Item: Rifle (M&G G-150)[2]
Equipment Rating: C/X-X-C/D
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 4B/4B
Range: 45/95/215/460 meters
Shots: 9
Cost/Reload: 270/5
Affiliation: LA
Mass/Reload: 3.5kg/150g
Notes: Burst: 3; Detachable Telescope


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