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A Holotank is an extremely rare form of holographic technology used by the Clans for command-and-control purposes. The Holotank unit consists of a large holographic projector connected to an elaborate computer system. The projector is able to create a three-dimensional image the size of a man or larger, which can be adjusted to show an entire planet's surface down to a detailed view of a city block. When updated with accurate battlefield information, the Holotank can show the locations of friendly and enemy forces, while laser and ultrasonic motion detectors allow a commander to manipulate the image and give orders to units. Orders and other information are received and transmitted by an attached Advanced Field Comm Kit.[1]

Five operators are required to manage the communications gear, while a sixth maintains the connection between it and the Holotank. A seventh crew member maintains the connection between the Holotank and the computer system and acts as a general technician for the entire unit. The Holotank is highly prized as, even among Clan military formations, it is a unique piece of technology.[1]



Item: Holotank[2]
Equipment Ratings: E/E-X-E/B
Cost: 500,000
Affiliation: Clan
Mass: 2,000kg
Power use: 1 Power Point per Hour


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