JAW-66B Jabberwocky EngineerMech
Production information
Manufacturer Jalastar Aerospace
Use Salvage, Construction, Combat Engineering, Demolition
Class Medium
Introduced 2549
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Mass 50 tons
Armor ArcShield Maxi Special (Heavy Industrial Armor)
Engine GM 200 Fusion Engine
Communications System O/P R Janxiir[1]
Targeting Tracking System Jal ConstrucTrak Mk I[1]
Heat Sinks 10
Speed 64 km/h
BV (2.0) 358[2]


The Jabberwocky is a mid-size fusion powered IndustrialMech designed for construction, salvage, and support roles. It is noted for its semi-modular arm and backpack accessories, which allows it to change out equipment for different tasks. Its technology is similar to the later Mercury BattleMech's noted semi-modular design features.[2]

Originally built by Jalastar Aerospace as a Military Support 'Mech in the twenty-sixth century, it failed to live up to expectations. Where the 65A Model was pronounced a failure five hundred twenty years ago, the re-designed JAW-66B Jabberwocky made up for its ancestor's failures in spades. Jalastar re-introduced the IndustrialMech in 3069 to help meet the demands for durable support machines during the breakout of the Jihad. The 66B is the salvage variant of the Jabberwocky line. The IndustrialMech's semi-modular technology has allowed Jalastar to sell upgrade packs for the 'Mech to allow customers to easily modify the Jabberwocky with other equipment for different tasks. The 66B model and its variants are produced on the Federated Suns world of Panpour.[2]

During the Jihad, the Jalastar's main factory was heavily damaged by the Taurian Concordat. Although the Jabberwocky production line was left intact, a new MilitiaMech variant of the Jabberwocky was soon pressed into service by the Federated Suns. However, by the war's end, the need for MilitiaMechs waned causing Jalastar to rebrand the JAW-67 as a SecurityMech.[5]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Jabberwocky 66B is far more versatile than its predecessor. The 'Mech's mobility has increased in terms of both speed and maneuverability due to being equipped with a fusion engine and three Panpour Specials jump jets. This gives the 'Mech a jumping capacity of 90 meters. The Jabberwocky has been given a pair of tracks to allow for easier navigation on the roads.[2]

The 'Mech uses a Salvage Arm mounted in place of its right arm, and a Spot Welder for its left. Mounted on the back of its torso, the IndustrialMech has two hoist lifts. With the addition of Industrial TSM, this gives the 'Mech the capacity to carry up to 100 tons.[2]

For hazardous environments: underwater, radioactive battlefields, and even the vacuum of space, the 'Mech has been given Environmental Sealing. It is also equipped with a search light for night activities.[2]


No Cargo bays, but with two hoist lifts, it can carry a hundred tons of equipment.[2]


  • JAW-65A 
    The original model of the Jabberwocky designed in 2549 during the Age of War, the 'Mech was equipped with a Fuel Cell Engine. The design had limited equipment, considerably less armor and no jump jets. BV (2.0) = 230[6]
  • JAW-66C "Demolition Variant" 
    The spot welder is swapped out for a rock cutter and removes the left lift hoist. BV (2.0) = 351[7], 324[8]
  • JAW-66D "Construction Variant" 
    A pair of nail/rivet guns has been added to the machine, one per arm with ton of rivets/nails between them. The left lift hoist is removed for a one ton internal cargo capacity. BV (2.0) = 353[9], 326[10]
  • JAW-67 "MilitiaMech Variant" 
    A completely reworked version of the Standard Model 66 geared for combat. This version was redesigned as both a factory made model and as a refit kit for would-be customers during the Jihad. The JAW-67 has Environmental Sealing, a Searchlight, Industrial TSM, and Heavy Industrial Armor, which is increased for combat use. This militarized version of the Mech is armed with a right arm mounted large laser, a pair of medium lasers (one in left arm and one in the right torso) and 5-tube Long-Range Missile system in left torso with 1 ton of ammunition. To allow for maximum mobility, taking advantage of it's fusion engine, the JAW-67 mounts three Jump Jets. BV(2.0)=907[11][12]



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