Jia Yawen

Jia Yawen
Character Profile
Affiliation Capellan Confederation[1]
Rank Lance Sergeant[1]
Profession MechWarrior[1]

Jia Yawen was a Lance Sergeant in the Red Lancers.[1]


Jia Yawen was raised alone by her mother, a MechWarrior in the Red Lancers. Yawen received training in her mother's Thunderbolt from an early age, resulting in intimate familiarity with the machine. Yawen later piloted her mother's Mech, also serving in the Lancers.[1]


Yawen piloted a Thunderbolt and does not allow any but the best MechTechs to work on it.[1]


"There's a tattoo you can almost see there on her collarbone. It says lièrén—'hunter.' I don't think it's the name of her favorite band."[1]


Game Rules[edit]

Yawen was a Veteran MechWarrior (Gunnery 3, Piloting 3) with the Sandblaster (LRM) and Weapon Specialist (Large Laser) Special Piloting Abilities.[1]


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