Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Profession Star Captain

Lefar (b. ???? – d. ????) was a trueborn MechWarrior in Clan Jade Falcon. She was an officer in the Falcon Guards Cluster during the early stages of Operation REVIVAL. Her OmniMech of choice was the Loki. She is described as dark haired and attractive, although her Inner Sphere captors did not know her exact age.[1]


Lefar held the rank of Star Captain, and commanded the Falcon Guards' Trinary Charlie, which featured OmniMechs as varied as the Koshi, Ryoken, and Masakari.[2] She participated in several of the Jade Falcons' early successes against the Federated Commonwealth, up until the events on Twycross in 3050.


The Twycross Campaign[edit]

Star Captain Lefar's Trinary had the highest confirmed number of kills for the entire Falcon Guards during the action to conquer Twycross. She epitomised the Jade Falcons' style of warfare, which emphasised speed over raw firepower. This approach had its drawbacks; Lefar’s unit often found itself out of range of effective support from other Jade Falcon forces, and her Trinary had more 'Mechs sidelined for repairs and maintenance than any other Clan unit on Twycross.

ComStar ROM reports indicate that Lefar was striving to prove her worthiness for some kind of commendation. At the time, ComStar knew very little about the workings of the Clan Warrior caste, but it is likely that Lefar, as a ristar, was in the running to compete for a Bloodname.

Calamity at the Great Gash[edit]

Lefar was present, along with the rest of the Falcon Guards, at the Great Gash when the Federated Commonwealth staged a counterattack in September 3050. She was one of only a handful to survive the collapse of the Great Gash[3], and she was captured shortly afterwards. A staunch supporter of Star Colonel Adler Malthus, Lefar insisted that he had somehow survived the obliteration of the Falcon Guards, even though there was no evidence to support her claims.[4]


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