Lorenzo Raldoron

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Lorenzo Raldoron
Also known as "Omega"
Born 2990
Affiliation Independent
Mercenary MechWarrior


Lorenzo Raldoron grew up in a working class family of mechanics in the Federated Suns. While his parents and aunts worked on urban vehicles and passenger aircraft, they had a family love of BattleMechs, watching holovids of the Solaris Games together and once enjoying a family trip to the legendary planet. In their spare time, they'd construct models together.

By the time that Lorenzo was old enough to attend technical school, work as a MechTech was no longer an elite position for mechanics. Decades of war did that. When he graduated, he had his pick of positions, and chose to work on a DropShip so he could see other systems. After his first tour of duty was up, he realized that he could enjoy more freedom working for a mercenary company rather than the AFFS, and moved Rimward. This allowed him more time to continue working on the models that had been a lifetime interest. He enjoyed trying to recreate the look of LosTech designs even if the technology itself was beyond him.

Becoming a pilot was never a driving interest of his, but when his current employer ended up in a situation where pilots were needed more than techs, he stepped up and discovered how easy it was for him to maneuver BattleMechs. Now he accepts work in either position, but has found, on average, he has more time to pursue his hobby if he works as a pilot.


Lorenzo "Omega" Raldoron is one of 62 MechWarriors designed by BattleTech (video game) Kickstarter backers of Mercenary Mechcommander and above. Featured only in the apocryphal computer game BattleTech video game, the character is considered apocryphal as well.[1]


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