MechAssault: Phantom War/Knife in the Back

Knife in the Back[edit]

Faulkner: Company, Commander Dante Fierus, leader of the ACM, has informed me that communications have been down. His forces have been advancing up the far side of the HPG crater for support. Vallen, you should be running into them shortly.

Brice: The mission is over! They had one lousy scout tank which needed saving, now they’re coming in for support?! …Dante…

Brice: I’m under fire from the ACM! What the hell is going on here?!

Faulkner: Commander Fierus! Your men are firing on a member of the Lyran Alliance. Cease, or we will have no choice but to return fire. Repeat, cease, or we will destroy them.

Styles: No answer.

Faulkner: Vallen, eliminate the Anodyne Cross Militia. Vernon, alert the Sentinel. We need a trace on commander Fierus.

Objective: Eliminate all ACM forces.

Faulkner: MechWarrior, we have relocated to a secure landing zone closer to your position. You have more ACM ahead. Engage.

Faulkner: Still no word from Commander Fierus. This has got to be a setup. Your orders stand, MechWarrior. Eliminate the ACM.

Objective: Finish off the remaining ACM forces.

Faulkner: All clear. Mission complete.