MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Rogue Chariot

--- Incoming Coded message ---

Kurultai GalxB_7th – Bronze level clearance

- disseminate by need only -

The battle on the Plain of Curtains is not going well. The Wolves have hit our flanks hard. The 6th Provisional Garrison is surrounded. You must draw as much of the Wolves’ 352nd and 3rd off the line as possible. To this end, you are to strike a Wolf resupply base in the rear, deep inside the Great Gash.

  • Codename: Rogue Chariot
  • Planet: Twycross
  • Terrain: Canyon
  • Time: Day

After being dropped into the canyon, you must find the Wolf resupply base, locate the core heat sink array, and destroy it. The destruction of the array will cause a heat build-up and a resultant core breach. Your personal survival will depend on your lack of proximity to the array when it goes critical.


  • Primary: Destroy the core heat sink array
  • Secondary: Destroy all defending ‘Mechs
  • Tertiary: Destroy any targets of opportunity
  • Return: Dustoff site: NAV TAU


Your strike was a success. You hit and destroyed the core heat sink array. The core overheated and exploded, taking the base with it. Mobile elements of the 352nd and the 3rd came to the aid of the base, and the 6th Provo managed to slip out and combine with the 5th Talon Cluster. Well done, MechWarrior.

The Keshik has noted your actions in the field.


The mission was a failure. The core heat sink array was unharmed by the strike.

Defeat represents dishonor. Dishonor is not our way.