MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Weapons Usage

“Okay, Toad. Follow me to NAV ALPHA on the gunnery range. It is time to see how you handle a ‘Mech weapons system. Keep your shots true, Scrub, and do not even think of making a mistake. You have live rounds in that ‘Mech.”

“Proceed to NAV BETA. Shoot the stationary targets, Scrub! Feel free to approach the targets if you find them difficult to hit. Your secret is safe with me. I will not tell a soul of your incompetence. Trust me.”

“In this mission, you may find the optical magnification function useful.“

“Nice work…for a Freebirth.”

“Go to NAV GAMMA, and shoot the moving targets.”

“Well done! Now line up between the flags at NAV DELTA and prepare to run the gauntlet. Await my go. Remember, this course is designed to train you in the use of independent torso twist while shooting. You will not finish if you do not twist your torso to fire upon the targets. The red flags at NAV EPSILON will mark the end of the course. To be successful, you must not only destroy all the targets, but you must also finish under time.”

“Good. On my mark: 4…3…2…1…GO!”

“Satisfactory work, Cadet. You have displayed an acceptable mastery of the onboard weapons systems. I am very happy.”


“Proceed to NAV ZETA and dock at ‘Mech Bay One.”