Mercenary's Star

This article is about the mercenary "homeworld". For the novel, see Mercenary's Star (novel).

Mercenary's Star is a popular term referring to the premier center of mercenary hiring in the Inner Sphere. It was originally associated with the Lyran Commonwealth world of Galatea[1], the supposed "homeworld" of mercenaries until the 3030s. The moniker is most frequently used in advertising for the planet and for the flowery books and holovids with romanticized views of mercenaries.

Due to the efforts of Wolf's Dragoons to draw the mercenary trade to their own homeworld, the center of the mercenary trade gradually shifted to Outreach after 3031 and the meaning of the term "Mercenary's Star" shifted with it. When the Mercenary Review Board was replaced by the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission in 3052, the MRBC set up on Outreach and only returned to set up a satellite office on Galatea in 3067. Outreach became the (premier) Mercenary's Star until 3067, when it was devastated during the Word of Blake Jihad. Afterwards, Galatea regained its place as the so-called "Mercenary's Star" once again.

In a more general sense, any world with a major hiring hall or otherwise known to be a center of the mercenary trade could be referred to as a "Mercenary's Star".

The following worlds were notable hubs of the mercenary business for a time at least:


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