Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip

The Meridian was a commercial JumpShip of unspecified type, commanded by captain William Pfister. The ship had been contracted by Monopole Lines to carry the DropShip Silver Eagle from Fomalhaut to Errai on 21 May 3027 on a pre-arranged trip involving handoffs.

Heimdall agents operating in conjunction with the JumpShip Bifrost, namely Danica Holstein and her son Clovis, convinced captain Pfister ten days prior, on 11 May, that his chief engineer was a Draconis Combine agent and had sabotaged the Meridian. Consequently, the Bifrost was asked to send over an engineer (who would proceed to actually destroy the helium seals on the Meridian, blaming it on the previously named saboteur) and it was also the Bifrost that was activated as a replacement JumpShip for the Silver Eagle, allowing the Heimdall agents to capture the Silver Eagle and the important passengers it carried in what would become known as the Silver Eagle Affair.[1]


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