People's Volunteers

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People's Volunteers
Affiliation Magistracy of Canopus
Parent Command Magistracy Armed Forces


The People's Volunteers brigade was formed by the Magistracy around Kossandra's Volunteers. That unit consisted of men and women who couldn't afford to pay their way through the Canopian officer ranks. Instead they acted as a transitional step between traditional planetary military and a front-line Magistracy combat command.

After the Reunification War the Magistracy engaged in colonization efforts to expand their borders. To protect these new colonies, additional regiments were formed using the methods of Kossandra's Volunteers: Skilled candidates who couldn't afford an academy position were assigned to one of these units. These regiments were assigned transport assets so they could quickly move from one threat to another. They were used to augment existing planetary militias and garrison strategic systems that would otherwise be unguarded. In place of the extensive theoretical knowledge of an academy, the regiments of the People's Volunteers regiments had extensive hands-on knowledge gained from training exercises and defending against bandits and pirates.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the People's Volunteers


Different per Unit.

Units of the People's Volunteers[edit]

Color Scheme and Unit Insignia[edit]


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