Rapier Fish

Rapier Fish
Creature information
Type Fish[1]
Homeworld Benet III[1]
Environment Warm saltwater bodies[1]
Average mass 80kg[1]
STR 3[1]
BOD 5[1]
DEX 5[1]
RFL 7[1]
WIL 2[1]
EDG 5[1]
Traits Armor (+3)[1]
Skills AniMelee (+3), Swimming (+6)[1]
Size Medium[1]
Armor Bony Carapace 3/2/1/2[1]
Attack 2M/3[1]

The Benetian Rapier Fish was an aquatic animal native to Benet III.[1]


The Benetian rapier fish inhabited the warm coastal waters of the Marquis County region of Benet III, and had a distinctive bony carapace and thin, sharp snout that gave it its name. The rapier fish wasn't usually aggressive towards humans, but preyed on other fish, piercing them with its snout and then using a muscular ridge that rang along the spine to draw impaled prey down into its mouth. The rapier fish's preferred prey was the colored kettlefish, but the rapier fish was in turn popular prey for those living on Benet III; Marquis County was the closest to a tourist region on Benet III, and spearfishing for rapier fish was a popular hobby for those with the time and money to afford it. In a twist of irony, the favored tool for hunting the rapier fish was the spine from another rapier fish, and good specimens of these rapiers could fetch high prices.[1]

Benet III was abandoned by humans in the 3090s due to the toxicity of the atmosphere following decades of escalating toxic outgassing from seismic activity, and whether the rapier fish survived on Benet III or not is unknown.[1]


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