Record Book Ten: Wolf Dragoon's

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MFUK RS10.jpg
MFUK Record Sheets Ten
Product information
Type Record Sheets
Development Bob Nicholls & Tracy Williams
Primary writing Jos Williams
Pages 50
Illustrations N/A
Publication information
Publisher MechForce United Kingdom
First published 1998


MFUK Record Sheets Ten contains record sheets for the Wolf's Dragoons 'Mech units upgraded with Clantech in 3058, also included is a Battle Value (1.0) for each. As well as upgrades to standard Inner Sphere and Clan BattleMechs is a Dragoon exclusive Omni-Mech the Hades.


  • BattleMechs
Flea 4-WDR
Flea 15-WDR
Flea 17-WDR
Hornet 171-WDR
Wasp 4-WDR
Falcon 5P-WDR
Firefly 7A-WDR
Spider 5-WDR
Puma WDR
Wolfhound 3-WDR
Blackjack 1-WDR
Fenris 1-WDR
Fenris WDR
Centurion 9-WDR
Hunchback 4-WDR
Bushwacker 2-WDR
Hoplite 5-WDR
Scorpion 1-WDR
Vulture 1-WDR
Vulture WDR
Rifleman 3-WDR
Crusader 3-WDR
Hades A
Hades B
Hades C
Hades D
Hades E
Hades F
Hades G
Hades Prime
Thunderbolt 9-WDR
Archer 5-WDR
Warhammer 6-WDR
Warhammer 6-WDR-C3
Marauder 3-WDR
Penetrator 5-WDR
Madcat 1-WDR
Madcat 2-WDR
Madcat 3-WDR
War Dog 3-WDR
Awesome 8-WDR
Stalker 3-WDR
Shogun 4-WDR
Cyclops 10-WDR
Beserker A5-WDR
Daishi WDR
Imp 4-WDR
Marauder II 6-WDR