Talk:BattleMech Combat Categories

I don't care how canon the source, a brawler is someone who fights hand to hand, so it makes a lot more sense for a "Brawler" mech to favor short range weaponry, which has been the common usage of the term for at least the past decade. Besides you already have three other roles that favor long range weapons, Skirmishers, Snipers, and Missile Boats.

Besides, the section from CBTIR on Brawlers states:


These ’Mechs lack the mobility of skirmishers but make up for their lesser speed with longer range weapons and/or heavier armor. These ’Mechs often form the backbone of an assault force or act as mobile escorts for the painfully slow juggernauts that often comprise the main punch of an assault.

Although these ’Mechs cannot fight effective running battles, they are well suited to a variety of other tasks. They shine in defensive battles or in attacks against stationary targets, and can use their slight advantage in maneuverability to take out enemy assault ’Mechs. Two or three of these ’Mechs should be able to outflank and eliminate any one slow enemy ’Mech. Use them to flush snipers and missile boats from their positions."