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Official forum posting about the unit's fate[edit]

In this thread on the official BattleTech Forum (in the "Ask the Writers" subsection which is expressly reserved for official rulings and answers), a question was asked by a poster and then answered by then-Line Developer Herbert A. Beas II (Habeas2) as follows on 23 April 2013:

1) Who delivered the final blow on the unit? I was confused between the Word of Blake and some random clan force.

2) What was "Hawg's" real name? I know in the source book stated he asked Jeremiah to keep his true identity secret, and how he was well educated, versed in tactics, and seemed to come from money. Who was he and what was he hiding?

3) What mission or operation were they on when they got the big eraser?


1) It is unknown. Likely candidates include AFFS forces, a bio-plague engineered by House Kurita centuries ago, Snow Raven bombardment, or Combine-fired nuclear weapons.

2) We many never know.

3) Garrison duty on Galedon V.


- Herb

  — Herbert Beas, BattleTech Line Developer, 24 Apr 2013

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