The {{emoticon}} template is meant to show emoticons graphically. It is for use in discussion pages ONLY, as emoticons are not appropriate for standard entries.

Instead of writing:

  • This is a neat idea :)

You can write:

  • This is a neat idea Smiley.gif


{{emoticon| :) }}

Where ":)" can be replaced with any available emoticon, as shown below. If an unrecognized emoticon is used the template will display nothing.


You should use emoticons sparingly {{emoticon|>:(}}

Will display:

You should only use emoticons sparingly Angry.gif

Available emoticons[edit]

Text Image Meaning
:) Smiley.gif "smiley"
;) Wink.gif "wink"
:P Tongue.gif "foolish"
:D Cheesy.gif "happy"
:( Sad.gif "sad"
>:( Angry.gif "angry"
:\ Undecided.gif "unsure"
>:D Evil.gif "devilish"
:-O Shocked.gif "shocked/surprised"
applause Applause.gif "applause"