This template is intended for named battles, wars, skirmishes, or other conflicts between warring factions.

Copy and paste the following code into the top of the article, filling the appropriate fields. If a field is unknown or inapplicable, leave it blank.

| conflict = 
| partof = 
| image = 
| caption = 
| date = 
| enddate = 
| place = 
| planet = 
| result = 
| territory = 
| faction1 = (Attacker)<br/>
| faction2 = (Defender)<br/>
| faction3 = 
| commander1 = 
| commander2 = 
| commander3 = 
| forces1 = 
| forces2 = 
| forces3 = 
| environment = 
| conditions = 


conflict =
Name of the battle, war, skirmish, or other conflict. If blank, the article name is inserted.
partof =
The larger conflict that contained the conflict in question; (e.g., Battle of Hall (3039) was part of the War of 3039.)
image =
Image file link of a picture appropriate to the conflict. Most conflicts should have no image. See Policy:Images for guidance.
caption =
Description of the image file
date =
Date on which the conflict began, in day/month/year format. Use month/year or year alone if the exact date is unknown.
enddate =
Date on which the conflict ended; same format as above
place =
 ? Location containing the planet where the conflict took place ? The location on the planet where the conflict took place ?
planet =
Planet where the conflict took place
result =
Summary of the outcome of the conflict
territory =
Territorial changes that took place as a result of the conflict
faction1 =
Name of a faction involved in the conflict. If one faction can clearly be identified as the "attacker", put it here.
faction2 =
Name of the opposing faction. If one faction can clearly be identified as the "defender", put it here.
faction3 =
Name of the third faction involved in a three-way conflict.
commander1 =
Name of the individual commanding faction1
commander2 =
As above, for faction2
commander3 =
As above, for faction3
forces1 =
Brief description of the units involved belonging to faction1
forces2 =
As above, for faction2
forces3 =
As above, for faction3
environment =
Terrain or other special environment where the conflict was fought
conditions =
Special conditions of the conflict, such as weather or time of day