This template documentation is transcluded from Template:InfoBoxHouse/doc [edit]

Usage instructions[edit]

Copy and paste the following code into the top of the article, filling the appropriate fields. If a field is unknown, leave it blank.

| image               = 
| name                = 
| titles              = 
| founded             = 
| died out            = 
| affiliation         = 
| cadet lines         = 


In the case of "name", the article name is inserted if no other information is given. All other entries except titles are optional, meaning that the respective row does not appear if the field is left blank.

crest =  
Image file link of the family crest in question. Use the format filename.extension without any wikicode (e.g. "battletech.jpg").
name =  
The real name of the person in question
titles =  
The family's known title(s), holdings(s) in the BattleTech universe, system may be noted in parantheses and explained in the article text (e.g. "Countess of Hereford (Hamilton)").
founded =  
Date of founding (with reference if possible), preferably in day/month/year format; the year will do if the exact date is not known.
died out =  
Date of death; same format as for founding date above.
affiliation =  
faction(s) with whom the family are prominently associated.
cadet lines =  
The family's cadet lines, if any. Should be noted and explained in the article text.