Designation of Military Command
Parent Command

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| image          = 
| Designation    = 
| formed         = 
| Disbanded      = 
| Previous Designation = 
| Nickname       = 
| Affiliation    = 
| Parent Command = 
| Sub-Command    = 


image =
Optional. Emblem of the Military Command.
Designation =
Optional. Official name of the Military Command.
Formed =
When the command was first activated.
Disbanded = 
Optional.When the command was disbanded or destroyed.
Previous Designation(s) =
Optional. Older official names.
Nickname =
Optional. Unofficial name(s) of the Military Command.
Affiliation = 
States(s), Clan(s) or faction(s) the command is prominently associated with.
Parent Command = 
Optional. What parent formation does the Command belong to.
Sub-Command(s) = 
Optional. Commands that the formation may be parent to.