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System Information

This template documentation is transcluded from Template:InfoBoxSystem/doc [edit]

Usage instructions[edit]

  • Copy and paste the following code into the top of the article, filling the appropriate fields. If a field is unknown, leave it blank.
  • For the image field, just the name of the image is sufficient. e.g., Example.jpg, Example.png, etc.
| image               = 
| caption             = 
| name                = 
| coord               = 
| stars               = 
| class               = 
| recharge            = 
| recharge stations   = 
| planets             = 


All entries are optional unless noted as "required" below, meaning that the respective row does not appear if the field is left blank. Some fields only apply to certain product types.

image =
best available image to represent the system (order of priority: regional map, representational banner, original 2-jump graphic)
caption =
Enter the year of the starmap here, or another caption if required
name =
Will default to the page name if left blank
coord =
X:Y coordinates (separated by colon); if extrapolated, include the {{e}} template
stars =
names all stars (i.e. suns) in the system, starting with the primary
class =
list the spectral class of the star, if known; if several, in the same order as in the listing above (optional)
recharge =
recharge times as detailed in a canonical source or otherwise, per Strategic Operations, p. 87, "Jump Sail Recharging Table" (optional)
recharge stations =
known recharge stations at the zenith and nadir jump points
planets =
the number of planetary bodies in the system plus notable others like asteroid fields and space stations (optional)