Production information
Year Availability Clan:
Inner Sphere:
Technical specifications
Heat Clan:
Inner Sphere:
Damage Clan:
Inner Sphere:
Minimum Range Clan:
Inner Sphere:
Short Range Clan:
Inner Sphere:
Medium Range Clan:
Inner Sphere:
Long Range Clan:
Inner Sphere:
Tons Clan:
Inner Sphere:
Critical Slots Clan:
Inner Sphere:
Ammo (per ton) Clan:
Inner Sphere:
Cost (unloaded) Clan: c-bills
Inner Sphere: c-bills
Ammo Cost (per ton) Clan: c-bills
Inner Sphere: c-bills
BV (1.0) Clan:
Inner Sphere:


If there is no image available, replace image= with noimg=true
If there are no differences between Inner Sphere and Clan versions you can omit the IS parameter for that statistic entirely.

'Empty' Template[edit]

|name=Weapon's name
|Type=Type of weapon
|Tech Base=IS or C or B
|Year C=Year Availability (Clan)
|Year IS=Year Availability (Inner Sphere)
|Heat C=Heat (Clan)
|Heat IS=Heat (Inner Sphere)
|Damage C=Damage (Clan)
|Damage IS=Damage (Inner Sphere)
|Minimum Range C=Minimum Range (Clan)
|Minimum Range IS=Minimum Range (Inner Sphere)
|Short Range C=Short Range (Clan)
|Short Range IS=Short Range (Inner Sphere)
|Medium Range C=Medium Range (Clan)
|Medium Range IS=Medium Range (Inner Sphere)
|Long Range C=Long Range (Clan)
|Long Range IS=Long Range (Inner Sphere)
|Tons C=Tons (Clan)
|Tons IS=Tons (Inner Sphere)
|Critical Slots C=Critical Slots (Clan)
|Critical Slots IS=Critical Slots (Inner Sphere)
|Ammo (per ton) C=Ammo (per ton) (Clan)
|Ammo (per ton) IS=Ammo (per ton) (Inner Sphere)
|Cost (unloaded) C=Cost (unloaded) (Clan)
|Cost (unloaded) IS=Cost (unloaded) (Inner Sphere)
|Ammo Cost (per ton) C=Ammo Cost (per ton) (Clan)
|Ammo Cost (per ton) IS=Ammo Cost (per ton) (Inner Sphere)
|BV (1.0) C=BV (1.0) (Clan)
|BV (1.0) IS=BV (1.0) (Inner Sphere)